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On this page some extremely puzzling objects are displayed: My private puzzle collection consisting of a wide range of three-dimensional puzzles, from industrial produced Rubik's Cube like puzzles to my custom builds, from production range Pihilos wood puzzles to rare and special puzzles from various excellent craftsmen, and not to forget the Japanese Himitsu Bakos, including some equisite works of the Karakuri Creation Group. Please note that you won't find any jigsaw puzzles on these pages, may they be two or three dimensional.


Added on 2016-05-28
From France a nicely built very high level board burr arrived, and it has an appropriate name for such a monster puzzle: Ultraburr
Added on 2016-05-26
Some older Hanayama Cast puzzles of different kinds: Cast Cuby, Cast Amour. High quality as typical for them and interesting to solve.
Added on 2016-05-20
Early morning update: Forever Lock Padlock. It is not a puzzle lock or trick lock, but has an interesting mechanism and it is a puzzle how to get the key in to unlock.
Added on 2016-05-18
Today a massive burr from South Africa arrived, which has been beautifully crafted from wood. It has level 5461.12 and is called Delirium 13. The 13 stands for 13 pieces: 12 special pieces and one slider across them all. Maybe this all sounds familiar? It is an n-ary puzzle and the nice first wooden version of an n-ary puzzle which was previously only 3D printed. Please have a look into n-ary puzzle group and compendium for more details. The compendium contains more information about Delirium 13.
This puzzle looks massive and does not hide its many moves. Will take some time to disassemble. What I like most about the look of this puzzle is that the pieces are glued from separate sticks and that you cannot see the pieces immediately, but have to find them while solving.
Added on 2016-05-12
My latest auction win with some nice and interesting puzzles from different countries: Nahnook Ani Puzzle is a cute vintage polar bear from the US. Sonneveld Cubed Burr is a Dutch-US-British co-production and a crazy 3 piece burr. The origin of Crazy Swiss Cube is easy to guess. SKIFFY is from Ireland and a small yet complex sequential discovery puzzle.
Added on 2016-05-08
As a gift from a friend, which travelled around half the world: Cubebot, a nice puzzle which can be changed into many different shapes.
Added on 2016-05-01
Today I went to Wil's to meet some puzzle friends, and of course I bought some puzzles there: Odd One Out and Troubled Burr
Added on 2016-04-29
Some nice new and unusual puzzles from Eric arrived today already: Janus is "only" a 4x4x4 interlocking cube without rotations, but a very interesting one, at a high level and interesting move sequences. Cubic Burr is also a cube, but with completely different piece shapes and beautiful wood grain. Cup of Coffee is usually something I have in the morning, but for this one, you should be awake already, before trying it! Padlock Burr is the first burr puzzle I put into the Locks category, guess why! Two Burrs in a Basket is maybe the most interesting of the update: Level 2.25 just to get the pieces out of the basket. With the 6 sticks and 6 boards you can build two burrs at the same time, and finally you can put the burrs (partly) back into the basket in an assembled state. A multi challenge puzzle, with several challenges in sequence! Most of these puzzles are currently still available at Cubicdissection.
Added on 2016-04-23
Today was German Cube Day and I met old and new puzzle friends there. It was a nice and very well-organized event and had even two lectures to offer. Of course I found some interesting old and new puzzles there: Rhombic Dodecahedron Puzzle was the giveaway puzzle, and very nicely made on a 3D printer, like the Puck Disentanglement. Some vintage puzzles, including some tiny keychain puzzles: 3D Burger Puzzle, Logi-VIP, Circuit Breaker, Keychain Die, Keychain Ladybird, Keychain Camera, and Keychain Heart. The Obscure Maze is also of a similar size, easy to store. The Planar Burr is a variant of the puzzle I already have, but more stable and easier to play with. My puzzle friend Michel took care of bringing a Elephant Wire Puzzle all the way from Australia to me (with the help of some international carriers, of course), and now I can add this interesting puzzle to n-ary puzzle group and compendium. It has 11 challenges and at first it is very confusing because of all the curves in the wires. Nina and 4 Caged Puzzle are two burr puzzles, while the following three are puzzle boxes: Magic Box, Triangle Trick Box, and Loopy Box. I also got a newer twisty, the Simplified Dreidel Magic Cube, which might look simpler than the original Dreidel cube, but it is definitely harder to scramble. My Dreidel cube is currently looking like a hedgehog, with all the tiny pieces sticking out, will have to solve it properly. I also found one of the Locks category: Maze Lock.
Added on 2016-04-15
Some nice puzzling beauties from Yavuz: El Regalo, Hublot 2, and Kyberna. The smaller the puzzle, the higher the level!
Added on 2016-04-13
Recently, a fascinating new puzzle lock was built and released, and quickly sold out. Luckily, I managed to get one via Wil, and now I have a Haleslock 1. Looks like a standard Abus lock with some extra screws, and the key comes with it so you don't have to look for that one. Have I mentioned that the key is securely fastened to the shackle? That is where the puzzling begins!
Added on 2016-04-11
Is it a puzzle? Is it some piece of art? Well, the 4L Co-Mo DD is definitely both! In the picture Johan's latest creation is shown half extended and on a stand. When you start with it as coordinate motion puzzle, it will be two concentric circles, to be extended in several coordinate motion steps. Not easy to get the shape in the picture, some careful alignment is required. A very nice unusual puzzle and well made.
Added on 2016-04-09
After the late night update, this morning some beautiful puzzles arrived from Brian Menold already. Two interesting designs by Goh Pit Khiam: The Letterbox is the second puzzle with that name in my collection, but completely different than the other. The Checkbox is a nice little puzzle similar to other recent designs by Pit Khiam. It came disassembled, so the first challenge was to assemble. Once you have worked out how to get the first three pieces in the box, the rest is quite easy. Logan's 3 Open Minds Solve a Problem is a variation on a three piece board burr in a box challenge, and it has quite a high level for such type of puzzle.
Added on 2016-04-09
The puzzle I received yesterday came in pieces and with a manual how to build it. Lots of pieces! I am not talking about another box kit, but a Lego set this time. I have found this fascinating set on the lego ideas web site some while ago and it was just released to the marked, so I directly ordered one in the Lego shop and it quickly arrived. It is the Maze set, which is the third Lego puzzle I have (which are the others, can you locate them? Hint: they are both in the same group.) It is a Lego implementation of the classic wooden marble maze, where you control two directions of tilting with two knobs, a maze/dexterity puzzle. I always had some trouble solving those, now what are my first impressions of the Lego model? I have just built it and played with it a bit and it is an excellent implementation in Lego.
While the original mazes had holes in which the ball/marble got lost, this puzzle has a quite heavy little plastic orange soccer ball and no holes. Instead, some black areas, and once caught in there the ball would not come out again, you have to pick it up and restart. Goal is to navigate from the green area to the red area without getting lost in a "black hole". How well does the mechanics and ball movement work? Excellent, in my opinion. I like it a better than the wooden ones. There are also some clever ideas which make me like this puzzle better:
First you have to build the frame, then the board with the maze you can see on the picture. Now comes the interesting part: you can simply take out the board, disassemble it and reassemble it into a second maze with little houses on it, which seems a lot simpler to solve. The maze even runs through some of the the houses! The instructions for the maze come with the puzzle, together with some pictures of a few other maze ideas. Of course you can create your own mazes as you like! Some nice details are also: the transport lock, to make transporting and storing the puzzle easier, and the container for the ball, or actually the four balls included. One might think that these extra balls are for careless people loosing a ball every now and then, but I have a better idea: Build multiple ball maze challenges, where you have to guide several balls in parallel mazes without getting any into a black spot. That is an idea I have to explore further!
If you would like to see a picture of the second variant and read some more about this set Jason Allemann has created, please have a look here: Lego Ideas Blog.
Added on 2016-04-05
Just in case I sould ever be in urgent need of a sarcophagus, I have just built myself one. The Sarcophagus is the biggest and most complicate one of the box kits offered by Myer's Craft and designed by Bruce Viney. Not the one with the most moves, but definitely with a very complicated move sequence to open and some secrets to discover. The theme relates to ancient Egypt and it is no wonder there is a secret compartment inside. There is still some mystery I have to solve. After having some recent exercise with building these boxes, this box is the most complicated to build, but luckily it comes with an excellent set of instructions.
Added on 2016-04-01
Had to get the missing padlock for the Pirate's Wallet, which arrived today: Stickman Padlock.
Added on 2016-03-19
After wood and plastic puzzles, today some new heavy metal stuff: Cast Padlock is the latest Hanayama Cast puzzle (which I put into Locks category for name and looks), and just a tiny bit older is Cast Moebius, which is a metal version of Moby Maze.
Added on 2016-03-18
Two beautiful puzzles arrived from Tabor: Arrow, Crosscut
Added on 2016-03-16
Today two more interesting twisties from Hong Kong, both definitely unsuitable for beginners: Dual 3x3x3 Cube, Insanity Cube, which is a metal version of Moby Maze
Added on 2016-03-15
Maybe you remember the excellent Spaceballs movie, and the secret that is unveiled in it: Merchandise is where money is to be made when talking about movies like Star Wars. The latest puzzle arrival is a good example: 3D Rubik's Cube R2-D2. Doesn't he look cute? As a puzzle, this droid is one of the simplest twisties, but surely it is a very decorative item!
Added on 2016-03-10
Today a package with a beautiful and unusual puzzle arrived from South Africa: No Nukes!, with an additional stand to display the puzzle on.
Added on 2016-03-05
Today a package with topic "locks and keys": Chinese Lock, Old Trick Lock from India are two interesting trick locks. Cublock (not to be confused with the puzzle with nearly the same name by Stephan) consists of two halves to be unlocked, and Simplified Keyholes in a Cage has some 6 keyhole pieces (and some others) interlocking in an interesting way.
Added on 2016-03-01
Two packages with some very interesting burr puzzles: FourTress Puzzle is a two dimensional burr. Then there are two old designs in newly crafted additions to the 18 pieces burrs group: 18-Piece II and Lattice
Added on 2016-02-27
In a new cooperation, a beautiful puzzle box was created. It has a keyhole, but there does not seem to be any key, so how to open the box? The name of the box is exactly about that: How?Box. It is a sequential discovery puzzle, so finding the key must be part of the solution. It was designed by Peter Hajek incorporating one idea by Rainer Popp, so I am guessing the lock component will be sophisticated. Three craftsmen were working on this box: Jakub Dvorak on the wood working part, Ivo Splichal on the lock, and Jiri Mejtsky on the key. Sounds like the box will be a lot of fun to solve, and certainly not easy!
Added on 2016-02-26
From Cubicdissection a package with some more of the fascinating New Old School burrs: NOS2 Transfer, NOS5 Crenel. Additionally, Elena's Burr by a new designer.
Added on 2016-02-23
Package from Brian Menold arrived already, with some beautiful wooden puzzles in it: Little Slide Plank is coordinate motion, Trikado does not tell you much about the distribution of the 6 pieces, Klaas Jan 23 is by a new designer, Sharp Belted is one of the Sharp puzzles, but with an interesting frame, and +4 looks like a standard framed 6 pieces burr. Well, it is 6 pieces in a frame, but that is where the similarity ends. Reminds me of an earlier of Greg's works.
Added on 2016-01-31
Last update for January: Just finished assembling the last of the box kits. The Little Box was much easier to build than the Black Nightmare and curiously the Little Box is nearly double the size. A nice and easy box. Mabye I should have started with this kit.
Update on 2016-01-29
Just solved the Alligator and put some more pictures and a review here: Burr Zoo: Alligator
Added on 2016-01-28
After the heavy metal package yesterday, today two with wooden puzzles: The first from Stephan. In it was Alligator, which is a beautiful addition to the Burr Zoo, and Burrdos, which has 34 pieces, so I will put it into the 18 pieces burrs group. Why that? you might ask. Well, it is a siamese 18 piece burr, where two 18 pieces burrs share two common pieces and have to be solved simultaneously. Just trying the first few moves I already noticed that they behave differently, so it is not two mirror copies of one, but two 18 pieces burrs fused together. Fascinating!
The second package came from the Czech Republic with some more nice wooden puzzles in it. The Mimicry has a name that tells you about the deception: It looks like it is a burr made of six wide pieces. In reality, it is a caged six piece burr with an interesting frame and beautiful woods. The Little Portico and Portico J are a smaller and a larger variant of the same basic design. One a bit more difficult than the other and both with a piece shape I have not seen before.
Added on 2016-01-27
Today a long awaited surprise package arrived. It was long awaited since it is the latest of the Popplock series: Popplock T10. It was created in the usual excellent quality Rainer Popp employs to build his locks, and the first thing to notice is the stack of 13 layers of steel similar to the ones used in heavy duty padlocks. Of course, here we are not talking about heavy duty requirements, so the layers must be for something else! Now to the surprises that hit me when unpacking the lock: First, Rainer used some new packing material and when opening the box, a gazillion little styrofoam balls were trying to jump out of the box spreading all over the room. A physiscs experiment showing how these little balls will adhere to every surface they touch then followed. After collecting all of them and returning them to the box, I inserted the key into the lock, and another surprise! I am already fascinated with the mechanism, but won't tell more here, not to spoil the surprise for others!
Added on 2016-01-26
The next of the puzzle box kits to be built was: Black Nightmare. This tiny box was surprisingly difficult to build compared to the others, high precision and a lot of sanding the edges required. Now it is moving nicely and has an interesting counter-intuitive solution.
Added on 2016-01-24
Just finished the next of the kit boxes. This time, it looks more traditional, and that is also the idea behind Merlin's Casket. It has two compartments, one well hidden and well locked.
Added on 2016-01-17
Today I finished another of the kit boxes, and again it is no secret box hiding what is inside. Istead, you can have a look through the transparent panels, which does not mean you can have a look at the mechanism and this one has even more moves than the "The Crate". Certainly it has very interesting looks: Window Box
Added on 2016-01-16
Recently I received some new puzzle box kits from Myer's Crafts and have already started building. It will take some time to build them all, so I am putting them on here as they are completed. The first one is a puzzle box, but definitely not a secret box. You can easily see what's stored inside The Crate, but it is not easy to get the box open.
Added on 2016-01-07
Today a well packaged package from Wil arrived with his latest puzzles: Sweta Cross, Heavy Metal Triangle. Beautiful heavy metal puzzle in excellent quality!
Added on 2016-01-05
Do you remember Game Craze? The puzzle box board game assembly puzzle with puzzle locks? Meanwhile I had the chance to play this game in several groups and received positive feedback for this unusual puzzle/game. Of course, the first comments are always about the size of the shipping box I use to transport the puzzle consisting of 5 boxes and 4 locks (and more). Beside the puzzle aspect and beautiful look of the puzzle, I have now seen some aspects of the game. Interesting was one group of players where each struggled with a different aspect, but was good in an other discipline: Throwing the die (have some luck!), opening the doors with the tools provided, assembling the towers. One player had really bad luck with the die most of the time, but then won the game because of his systematic approach assembling the (red) tower finishing before anyone else. I like it when games are good for such surprises!
A man's got to go The first puzzle arriving this year was built also by Tracy Clemons. After finishing the Game Craze, she started producing a small series of identical puzzle boxes, and I was lucky enough to be able to acquire one: A man's got to go.
The box looks like a trunk with handles on each side and some beautiful decorations applied, and it has a lock in the front. The lock looks unlike anything I have ever seen. I have some clear ideas how to open the lock, which is good for a start! I am assuming that there is more to it after opening the lid. I already had a little peek into the box (as much the lock would allow) and it is not empty. In fact, it seems packed with more puzzling mechanisms. I like what I have seen so far and I am curious to explore this fascinating puzzle box. Thanks Tracy, for building and offering this nice little box. *)little only compared to the other one :)
Added on 2015-12-29
Yesterday I went to a small puzzle meeting and received Charpentiers Illusion as a present. A very interesting trick! Thank you, Christoph! Bernhard had some new interesting TICs for me: Threaded Cube and Ka'apuni. This morning a package with Eric Fuller's latest creations arrived, containing the Liberal Cube, NOS1 Compressed, and NOS3 Round Trip. These NOS ("New Old-School") burrs are fascinating coordinate-motion puzzles and hard to build as well as to solve.
Added on 2015-12-23
Just before Christmas the very nice Karakuri Christmas Presents 2015 arrived. X-mas present 1, X-mas present 2, X-mas present 3, X-mas present 4, X-mas present 5, and X-mas present 6. I did my usual guess about the craftsmen, please see the details pages. For two of them I already know the name, and the Bean Bag Drawer 2 seems to be an extension of my favourite present for 2013 with nearly the same name. These boxes look very nice and I am expecting different mechanisms with little surprises.
Added on 2015-12-19
A heavy package with some nice Indian style trick locks from Canada arrived, from Puzzlemaster: Heart Shape Brass Puzzle Lock has some new tricks I have not seen in a lock before and it will take some time until you even find the first key hole, Brass Square Puzzle Lock has a simple, but new mechanism, and Brass Figure Puzzle Lock Lion is simple but beautiful trick lock.
Added on 2015-11-30
My latest auction wins: 4 Direction Drawers is an interesting interaction of drawers, the The Arabi Gun is a sequential discovery puzzle design dating back to 1890s and before! The US Cube is a boxed burr, in which you have a clear view from the outside. The Heart Spin Box I do not know much about yet. Some of these puzzles I have wanted for some time.
Added on 2015-11-23
Some of the latest puzzles built by Eric Fuller: Cubloc looks very interesting and is the bigger brother of the beautiful Cubloc S. The mysterious Packira extends the four sticks in a box with 6 orthogonal sticks, and the Tulip has a 7th piece inside, and has a different level without that piece.
Update on 2015-11-21
I have finished my Game Craze Feature Page. Enjoy reading and viewing the detail pictures!
Update on 2015-11-18
Update on the fascinating Game Craze, please see the next part of the story on my Game Craze Feature Page.
Added on 2015-11-17
After the wood puzzle overload recently, today a package arrived from Cubezz: The Curvy Chop is basically a Curvy Copter chopped in half (and finished by closing the cut). I have a spare Curvy Copter lying around here to build this puzzle, but never got around. Now I had the cance to buy the finished puzzle. It came together with two others, one new, one older: Mastermorphix and Football Magic Cube
Of course, I am continueing with my "big puzzle project" and have made considerable progress on GAME CRAZE. Wait for an update soon!
Added on 2015-11-15
GameCraze Today a huge package arrived after a fast journey from the USA. In it was one puzzle consisting of five boxes created by the creative Tracy Clemons. Very well crafted, beautiful and much more. A fantastic puzzle to be explored. Of course, there is the usual puzzle page (Game Craze), but I also set up a special feature page with an initial description, where I will add more and more after I have played with the puzzle and discovered everyting. Please click on the following link to the Game Craze Feature Page.
Added on 2015-11-07
Today a nice puzzle event: GPP at Bernhard's place. He had some interesting puzzles to offer, including some prototypes. Some of them are new interlocking cubes, including some by Ken with half unit pieces and complicated rotations. Today's haul are: Konstrukt A, 2 Halves Cube, 2 Halves Pack, Popp, Tronc Commun 3, Meandros Cube, and Gravity. Thanks, Bernhard, for the puzzles and the nice event!
Added on 2015-10-30
Today some nice new puzzles from the Czech Republik arrived: Serflex, Cross Imprisioned, and Vauban H 5. The last puzzle is one from the Burr Zoo: Dragon's Cave. It has a little dragon inside trying to get out. When Stephan showed me the Burr-Tools file some 1.5 years ago, we were discussing how to implement the puzzle so that you can look in. I like the solution they found with the round holes in top and bottom of the frame. Let's see how this impacts the solution, if at all.
Added on 2015-10-19
Yesterday I went to the Dutch Cube Day to meet many puzzle friends, see some interesting new puzzles and of course to buy some puzzles. As first puzzle, I received this years DCD present, the Red, White and Blue, nicely 3D printed with country colours and name of the event. It started with catching up with some IPP puzzles, first from Robrecht: 50 Cent Labyrinth and 8 Stars Labyrinth. Then some new and old for n-ary puzzle group and compendium: Bin Laden Too and Elephant SpinOut.
Alfons had a huge selection of his nice wooden puzzles for sale, so I could not resist, of course! First, in the 18 pieces burrs group there is Hell (with 12 frame pieces, similar to Stephan's Fortuna or his Burrison), Mountain (designed by Dan, and with an 18 piece and 6 piece burr combined in one puzzle), and Knudde (which uses the unusual shape to hide some more pieces inside). Belopo is something similar for a six piece burr: with additional clamp pieces (similar to Stephan's Plankton). Tarpan is similar to Skunk I had so much fun with recently, and maybe that is why Alfons presented me this 12 piece burr with 3 frame pieces. Vera is quite new, but not as unconventional as the following ones: Box of 12, Rampart 2, and Jail Bars 2 are all some burr sticks within a cage so trapped that it is hard to guess how to get them out. Doender has similar piece configuration like the Rampart 2, but between two stacks of boards.
To continue with some more IPP35 exchange puzzles, I got myself some: Quadrant 1, Forgotten Piece, Smiley Burr, TrickLock 2015, and Pole Dancer. In a recent auction, Steve offered also the Twiddle Dum Helical Burr and Twiddle Dee Helical Burr. Now I have all 6 of Derek's twisted burrs and have to be careful not to get my brain twisted during solving. Ella Propella is also about twisting (or rather turning): You have to unlock the propeller so that it turns freely. The next three puzzles were some I wanted to add to my collection for some time: Secret Box No 2, Dino Star, and Leesho. It seems that Hungary (represented by Olivér) is still a good source for vintage Twisty puzzles. One of the interesting talks was by George Miller about his Cubigami puzzle and the countless nets forming shapes created from cubes, kindly handing out a Cubigami Net 4x1x1 for demonstration.
The last puzzle arrived this morning and is the latest from the Naked Secret Box series, the Naked Secret Box Purple. Beautiful and an interesting mechanism!
A big thank you to all of you who offered me these nice puzzles, ensuring that I will have some puzzle fun in the next time and will be extremely puzzled by some of them!
Note:In this post, I have just named the reference puzzles I already have, not linked to them, to avoid confusion which are new and which are old.
Added on 2015-10-16
Today a huge package arrived from Brian Menold, and after opening I saw the reason: The Proxima Centrauri is a big frame of two pieces with some four smaller pieces in the corners. Looks beautiful and impressive! The other puzzles also look beautiful, but are of a more normal size: Altair, Quadrox, Stairs Cube, and Four Mirror One. Alltogether some stack of nice puzzles interesting both in solution level as well as the woods used.
Added on 2015-10-14
Today a package from Stephan with some of his latest creations. The l'Unifolié looks beautiful and excellently crafted, must have been a lot of work! It was Stephan's entry into the IPP 35 Design Competition. It has the same basic principle as the Caught Heart, the Rammelkast, and the Hazelgrove-Box, but an additional stick that has to be manipulated from the outside while solving the box. The other beautiful puzzle is one from the 18 pieces burrs group: Burrner. This beautiful burr has extensions on the sides of the 6 middle pieces, which makes it a very interesting puzzle with a high level. Maybe not the highest level for the first piece, but certainly impressive for the first 5 pieces combined.
Added on 2015-10-02
Today a small parcel with many puzzles was waiting for me to pick up: Diamond Entanglement, Key Shaped Puzzle Lock, Secret Box No 4, Mini Secret Puzzle Box, Bird in the Nest, Euro-Falle 3, and Euro-Falle 4. Some are IPP puzzles from IPP35, and then there are some nice others.
Added on 2015-09-22
Maybe you remember the DITWIBIN by Namick Salakhov? A nice puzzle in the n-ary puzzle group and therefore also in the compendium. That puzzle has a clever mechanism and is fun to play with, and is a simpler relative of what arrived today: The MixTer-MaxTer. It was an entry in this years IPP Design Competition, and I think it is a brilliant design! You "just" have to guide the little red sliders from the outer disk with two slots and collect them in the other outer disc with many slots. My discovery of that puzzle went through three main stages:
  1. Try to move the discs (which are moving simultaneously!) and get some of the sliders moved to other discs. Feeling confused.
  2. After a while, my hands seem to do some moves automatically and I am beginning to see a pattern. Could this be a n-ary puzzle with base 7 (like 7 discs)?
  3. Now I have understood where each of the sliders can go, and each can only go to three discs! The puzzle is a ternary puzzle in disguise, including a hidden locking mechanism interacting with the little red sliders. Very clever design!
The name seems to be a technical term referring to the ternary nature of the puzzle, but then it is also a Scottish word describing my initial experiences with the puzzle very well — please have a look into a dictionary if in doubt! Excellent puzzle, thank you, Namick!
Added on 2015-09-14
I am not good at tray packing puzzles and rarely collect them, but today I got myself one. Very difficult and multiple challenges by Wiliam Waite. However, it is also a puzzle box! The latest of the famous Stickman Puzzleboxes by Robert Yarger. You may have guessed already — it is an Edelweiss Puzzlebox, and it's a real beauty, isn't it?
Added on 2015-09-12
Earlier this year I had some conversations on variants of the Double Slideways Burr, also with the Designer Ray Stanton. His IPP35 Exchange puzzle is base on the simpler Slideways. It is the Slideways Cube, which arrived today. When looking at it you may not spot any similarity with the other puzzles mentioned, but it is there, internally. Just that getting an idea how to disassemble this one is much harder than for the others, also due to the nice fit concealing any cuts or gaps that there might be. Thank you for the nice puzzle, Ray!
Added on 2015-09-11
Recently Johan Heyns asked who would be interested in one of his designs, built by himself. Of course I ordered one and today I received a beautiful puzzle: Canuck. It is the second version and the main difference is that little checkerboard pattern on the sides, a very nice looking feature, I think! The puzzle did not come alone. If you have a close look onto the picture, you will see the stand the puzzle is resting on, which came neatly packed in pieces and was an assembly puzzle by itself! Thank you Johan, for building this nice puzzle for me!
Added on 2015-09-09
After Wil's recent newsletter I could not resist any more and got myself a new Ying Yang 69. It is nice heavy metal quality, as usual. I played with the prototype at IPP over a year ago already, and the puzzle looked very interesting back then already.
Added on 2015-09-06
Today my puzzle friend Dirk visited me and we had a little post-IPP puzzle party. Beside many nice puzzles he brought his IPP Exchange puzzle with him, A-Mazing Blocks, a fascinating extension of sliding pieces puzzle with a maze, multi-challenge, of course! The second new puzzle is the Racktangle, from the IPP Design Competition, and has been pubished in Goh Pit Khiam's article "The Design of N-ary Mechanical Puzzles", which can be found in my compendium. The puzzle has a new entry in this compenium and n-ary puzzle group page. After the Power Tower it is the second puzzle offering some additional parts allowing to set up an n-ary sequence by choosing mixed-base plates (of base 2 and 3) and with variable stage count up to 4. Many different challenges in one puzzle. As you can see in the picture, it is nicely made by Tom, and the second of this kind in two days!
Added on 2015-09-05
Today I received a special puzzle, which was designed for me by Christoph Lohe. In the correct German spelling, my name is spelled: Götz. Now take a look at the pictures of the puzzle to the left, you will recognize the scheme! The GÖTZ puzzle is built around my name, and luckily there are only 4 letters in it. Thanks to Chris and also to Claus who supported me with 3D-printing this nice puzzle! And beside bearing my name, it is also a nice and nontrivial interlocking puzzle!
The second package arrived later the day, with my wins from a recent auction: Open-Side Coin Bank, Dovetail Burr Puzzle, and Sandfield Joint Puzzle. All of them are beautifully crafted and more on the traditional side. Some very interesting puzzles which will take their time to solve for sure!
Added on 2015-08-10
Today something very unusual happened to me: two packages from Japan with brand new puzzles! The first one contained an ATM. Unfortunately, it does not come with any money in it, so I had to pay the taxes at customs myself. Maybe the officers were also confused by the name of the puzzle: Please Pay the Fee. The invoice showed just the name of the puzzle and the total. The puzzle is beautifully made, and even has a little view screen that tells you if you have already paid your fee and you will receive your savings. A great piece of art, too!
The second package contained a whole series of old puzzle designs, re-released as a brand new series, and only available in Japan at the moment. The puzzles are looking beautiful and they are new version of a complete Marcel Gillen Chess set, in particular: King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawn.
Added on 2015-08-07
You know what India is famous for in the puzzle world? Trick locks! Today I received some nice mass produced ones: Ace of Hearts and Lockout
Added on 2015-07-23
Today a new and interesting puzzle arrived after having travelled around half the world from down under: Slida
Added on 2015-07-17
From Puzzle-Shop.de I got some nice puzzles from far east: Square in a bag, Sunglasses, and Cast Hexagon
Added on 2015-07-08
I wonder how I can get that cube out?? Thanks Pilipp, for that nice Cube in a Bottle!
Added on 2015-07-05
Because of the current strike puzzle deliveries are unusual now: taking longer, finally showing up on Sunday! From Austria Stephan sent me one of his latest creations: Fortuna. This nice 18 pieces burr has some extra 12 cage pieces, and is two puzzles in one. With and without cage pieces there is a unique solution, but of different level. A similar concept but with a solid frame was designed earlier on: Boards and Sticks with Frame. I had some trouble putting it into the 18 pieces burrs group, because in one assembly it has more pieces than 18, and it has two levels. I put it to the level 10 entry, which lists some other unusual 18 piece burrs already — only unusual ones, to be precise!

The second package is from the U.S. and it is fitting that it contains item 1776 in my collection, but then it should have arrived yesterday already! Some of the latest works by Eric Fuller, designed by two U.S. designers well known for years (or even decades): Helix the Burr, Think outside the box, and Inner Cube. After struggling with the half notches in the Visible Burr the Helix the Burr now offers third notches!

Added on 2015-07-02
A nice and well made wooden puzzle lock: Wooden Lock Puzzle. It seems to have multiple steps and is a design I have never seen before. It comes with a nail, but I am not sure what that is good for. I have yet to solve the lock and I am sure I will find out. So far I have found some unexpected features.
Added on 2015-06-17
From CU-Japan from the UK a box with two boxes inside, and inside them two boxes. Sounds familiar? The package contained the two Naked Secret Boxes I did not have before: Naked Secret Box Green, Naked Secret Box Orange. Like the blue and red one they are very nice puzzles with a very interesting look. Who would have the idea of making puzzle boxes transparent? Some of the techniques remind me of the Black Box (see below), but that box hides all internals. These "Naked" secret boxes let you see every detail allowing a thorough analysis when solving.
Added on 2015-06-16
Diniar is a well known desginer of sliding pieces puzzles. From him I received one of his newest puzzles: the nice My Tower of Hanoi. It looks like two Tower of Hanoi combined, or a bit like a Panex, but that is where the similarity ends. It is a nice and well-made sliding pieces puzzle with many challenges, of which I have solved the first one already.
Added on 2015-06-15
From the Netherlands an interesting and heavy box. Containing an interesting and heavy box. Containing an interesting and heavy box ... That one is Wil Strijbos' latest creation, the mysterious Butterfly Lock Box. My first impression is that it satisfies both meanings of the German word "schwer": heavy and difficult. A beautiful and very well crafted puzzle and long awaited. I am very curious to solve this one and wonder how long it will take!
Added on 2015-06-02
A package from Hong Kong with some nice new Twisties. Actually some of these models have been to visit to my place before, and that cleared my doubt and I ordered two: Curvy Dino I have solved within minutes and it is easy, but interesting looking. The Dreidel 3x3x3 seems to be harder to solve and demonstrates some "parity" issues. The puzzle looks fascinating, with those corners turning independently!
Added on 2015-06-01
First package of the month contained my wins from the recent Haubrich auction: The mysterious The Black Box — mysterious not only from the black look. Is it a box, or is it a burr? Is it both? The nice Wun-Wa-Sure, as it occurred in the IPP21 design competition.
Added on 2015-05-23
Another puzzle surprise from Switzerland, a new variant of Double Slideways Burr: The Double Slideways Burr+D is a variant of the Double Slideways Burr TSP, with some triangular prisms added to the three identical pairs of pieces. That is also what the "+D" stands for, it's for the German "Dreiecksprisma". It is fascinating how many variants can come out of a puzzle during optimization. I find this version the hardest to assemble, probably because it does not have much space left and has obstructions added. It works in the usual three-axis coordinate motion move. Thanks for sharing this with me!
Added on 2015-05-21
Another puzzle surprise from Switzerland, a new variant of Double Slideways Burr / Double Slideways Burr TSP-: The Double Slideways Burr TSP-+2W is like the TSP variant, and adds 2 new cubies — can you spot them? This removes the remaining internal holes and now the two halves can only be assembled in two directions, not in three like for the TSP-. The new pieces do not have any angled cuts, but now these pieces are non-notchable. An interesting idea to follow-up would be to include the two extra cubies as separate pieces. Thank you, Peider!
Added on 2015-05-17
From Alfons I received some very beautiful and special interlocking/burr puzzles. In the category of 18 pieces burrs: Alien (which looks like a traditional 18 pieces burr at first sight, but is a much more interesting 26 piece burr at a closer look), and a difficult and true category member: Armilla. The puzzle Skunk looks like an interesting 18 pieces burr with some clamp pieces between, adding up to 21 pieces, and also with level 21. A new and visually fascinating concept are the interlocking puzzles with stacked frames, which look like they can telescope out of the puzzle during the solution. It will be very interesting how to see how Pulsar and Pulsar 2 will work during the solution. The Kameleon caged was interesting to me at first sight, because it is based on a very similar puzzle, without cage, and a difficult one: Kameleon. The base of the fascinating Dirty Dozen Caged is the Dirty Dozen (the first puzzle Alfons built for me). So what does this new version consist of? Let's analyze the name: dozen = 12 core pieces, dirty = 4 extra hidden pieces, caged = a cage. This cage is not a fixed frame, but another 12 cage pieces. All this adds up to 28 pieces, 12 of which are identical, yet 26 moves for the first piece!
Added on 2015-05-03
This weekend Michel and Maarten were visiting me and brought me some nice puzzles for my collection: Keychain Burr 9 pieces (came disassembled for an extra challenge), 3D Labyrinth, and 3x3x3 — thank you! This morning we got up early and went to Wil's place to where he had invited us for his yearly puzzle party. A great event, where I met many old and new friends, and of course many, many puzzles to play with, even very rare and interesting ones, and even some I bought: Tritalon, Escape from Alcatraz, Wooden Puzzle Lock 1, and Wooden Puzzle Lock 2. A great weekend!
Added on 2015-04-28
The latest update by Eric Fuller contained a gorgeous Chicken Puzzle, a interesting looking Bundle of Sticks, and a new release of the famous Visible Burr. I ordered that burr disassembled, and that is the reason there are more pieces in that bag in the picture. I will replace the picture after I had a chance to assemble the puzzle (as usual).
Added on 2015-04-26
Today a new puzzle arrived (and that arrival today is a puzzle on its own!). The Cascadia
Added on 2015-04-25
Today I went to GCD to meet many puzzle friends and also see some new puzzles. The nice giveaway puzzle New T Puzzle was no surprise for me, as I was involved in that project. From two puzzle friends I received some of their own work: Mini Bottle and Fibula Puzzle — thank you! His new design Closed Box I got from my puzzle friend Christoph. Not new but interesting are the 1 2 3 and the Double Sliding. The Buffalo Nickel Puzzle is the second of Oskar's 2-dimensional burrs I own, and it is in the beautiful original version. Goal is to free some coin, and this is also the goal of the new Hole Vacancy Coin and Hard-Boiled Coin. Fresh from Hungary arrived the Mandorla (which also exists in different colour schemes). The PUZZLE is a high level interlocking puzzle, which picks up the recent way of using letters in such board burr puzzles. That is almost all I know about it. GCD was a great day once again and I had a lot of fun!
Added on 2015-04-21
A surprise package from Switzerland — thank you! Peider Grischott took the existing design Double Slideways Burr and created the Double Slideways Burr Plus (incidentially also the original version of the puzzle by Ray Stanton) trying to close the space inside the puzzle. He has now continued his efforts and created the interesting Double Slideways Burr TSP, which has less internal space, yet still functions as a coordinate motion puzzle. The diagonal cuts enforce coordinate motion moves along diagonally to all grid axes. This can further be modified to the: Double Slideways Burr TSP—. The minus in the name suggests that something has happened here. The pieces have been made simpler (notchable now!) This puzzle can still be solved by coordinate motion, but you can also assemble two halves and then move them together in a straight move along one of the grid axes. The pieces look simple and are well known, yet I have not found a reference to a burr with these particular three pairs of pieces. If you know more about this burr, please drop me a message.
Added on 2015-04-21
After those (easy) twisties yesterday, I am not sure if I have enough wooden interlocking puzzles. Today two nice new ones from Yavuz arrived: Lox Box and Pox Box
Added on 2015-04-20
Some brand new twisty octahedra: Octic I and Octic III .
Added on 2015-04-16
From Switzerland I received a litte surprise puzzle, which was a puzzle experiment: Based on the Double Slideways Burr, the Double Slideways Burr Plus was designed, which has three identical pairs of pieces, but with a little less space in it than the version I already have. The manufacturing process seems to me more difficult by this little modification. It turned out that these were indeed the original pieces from the original design (also sold at Cubicdissection), which were modified for the IPP Exchange. Thanks for the nice puzzle!
Added on 2015-04-15
Stephan sent a giant from Austria he recently designed: Ruebezahl. The name is from popular fairy tales, and this matches this very beautiful puzzle very well. The big caged sticks are quite complex in shape and have 3x3x9 units — the first six piece burr of that kind I have ever seen, with or without cage. The giant came with a second puzzle for support, so new that it did not even have a name. It is a six piece burr in a cage of planks, hence the name Plankton seemed appropriate. Looks very beautiful with these woods, and by the way: have you heard about white nut wood before? Thank you, Stephan!
Added on 2015-04-11
Today I received the improved versions (second editions) of some very nice Jean Claude Constantin puzzles from him. They are both in compendium and n-ary puzzle group page: Uhrwerk and Bi-Nary. Both are definitely solvable and fun to solve — have solved them myself. The Bi-Nary can be quite confusing at first, but what would you expect from a puzzle combining two different n-ary mechanisms? This one is the first puzzle to implement such a fascinating idea, and it required quite some engineering to get things working right.
Added on 2015-04-08
From Puzzle-Shop.de I received a little puzzle full of nice new puzzles: Safe Box 1, Safe Box 2, Cast Keyhole, Euro-Falle, Old Man's Desire, and Drunter und Drueber. One of these puzzles is part of compendium and n-ary puzzle group page — can you guess which one?
Added on 2015-04-01
From Richard Gain I received two nice 3D printed puzzles: his IPP34 Design Competition entry Coronation Cube and Osanori Yamamoto's complex Rose puzzle.
Added on 2015-03-28
From Japan a small package with a small box in it. This cute box is another Karakuri x-mas present of 2014 I was able to obtain: Sheep
Added on 2015-03-19
The latest set of nice puzzles from Brian Menold, designed by two rotation experts, all in beautiful woods: Dizzy Cube, Pivot, Ring Fight, Gyro, The Elevator, and Khamsin
Added on 2015-03-09
A package from the Karakuri Creation Group, with some beautiful and easy Japanese puzzles: The Owl Shock, Karakuri Cake 1 (Cheese Cake), Karakuri Cake 2 (Fruit Cake), Karakuri Cake 3 (Chocolate Cake), and Karakuri Cake 4 (Fruit Cake)
Added on 2015-03-07
Seems that puzzles are arriving daily now. Today some nice wooden puzzles from Pelikanpuzzles.eu: Optiborn, Delight, and Jump. And then google for puzzle 1700 in my collecion. Sorry for the pun and no advertising of big companies intended, the name is purely coincidental ...
Added on 2015-03-06
About 1.5 years ago I first met Steve Miller, and he told me about his plans to revive the Barcode burr, which has been brought into existence (please see here). He then mentioned that he was working on a high quality puzzle called "fire" to be part of an elemental series. Now here it is: Fire puzzle. If you look at the puzzle and its beautiful looks you might understand why it took so long to produce. It comes in a nice set of boxes and opening them is the easy part. The puzzle does not give away clues how to open it, but there is a leaflet with clues. Only problem: They have been encrypted in a strange alphabet, one additional puzzle to solve! The box is covered with optical illusions and some more clues (or encrypted writings). Additionally, a web site has been created which is also supposed to contain hints. Quite a lot for a single puzzle, and I would expect this also hints for the time needed to solve all that! Wow!
Added on 2015-03-05
Of all those twisties I have received lately, there are still many left scrambled and waiting to be solved. I wonder if it was a good idea to scramble them, especially the ones with gears. Today I received an easier one I have solved it already a couple of times: Pyraminx Diamond. This new puzzle is also one from the group of twisty octahedra.
Added on 2015-03-01
This evening I hosted a small puzzle event at my place, now the 3rd already, why I called it "MZPP3" (after MZPP2 last year, the acronym including the city abbreviation). Thanks to all participants for making this a special day with many nice puzzles! Half an hour before the event my latest auction win arrived, and I don't know much about it, but sometimes I like puzzle mysteries: Large Puzzle Bank. From some participants I received some puzzles of their own production: Marble in Cage, Schickspiral, Tom's Hollow Cube, Turnblock 335, and Walton Cube. Now I have some fascinating new puzzle which will help me remember this day!
Added on 2015-02-27
From Alfons a box full of nice new puzzles of various interesting shapes. Believe me, in reality the woods and wood grains look very beautiful, much better than on my pictures! They are: Confucius 3, Kelvin, Helix 2, 2-3-4, and Big Mac
Added on 2015-02-26
A beautiful brand new puzzle from Austria: Cubloc S. If you look closely, you will see that it is a six piece burr in a cage, and the cage will come apart, too. While it is not needed for the solution, notice how the different burr colors match the cage colors at the sides!
Added on 2015-02-20
Some more twisties from Nowstore arrived today: Void Master Pentultimate and Pentagram
Added on 2015-02-19
Today some brand new fancy twisty from Nowstore in Hong Kong: Gear Skewb
Added on 2015-02-17
Today I received some mass produced puzzles I received as a side order to a recent amazon order. The two puzzles are mass produced, but part of the compendium and n-ary puzzle group page: Tricky Frame and Tricky Mouse.
Added on 2015-02-11
Today I received what Stephan called a "Prototype". I call it a beautiful puzzle with excellent movements and an interesting shape: Stairway. From what I have seen on pictures, it has interesting configurations during the solution with some pieces overhanging without being able to remove. Well, that is what I am going to explore next with this puzzle!
Added on 2015-02-09
After some twisties last time, now back to some hard (or difficult?) wood. A package from Brian Menold arrived, with some fascinating new puzzles in various beautiful woods: Board Burr in Cage, Tight Noose, Hooked, Foliage, and Stack of Sticks.
Added on 2015-02-05
I felt I had some catching up to do with twsity puzzles, and today a package from Nowstore brought 5 new and a bit older puzzles: Megaminx Ball, Curvy Copter III, David Gear Cube, Pocket Cube - 2 Colour Edition, and Wheel of Time
Added on 2015-01-27
Today I picked up a late christmas present at customs, which had travelled for the last 1.5 months — maybe carrier and customs did try to figure out what it was and to solve it? It was well worth waiting for and is the latest design in compendium and n-ary puzzle group page by profilic designer Namick Salakhov, and revealed to the public here for the first time. The puzzle is the DITWIBIN, a beautiful puzzle excellently crafted and with beautiful looks — I especially like the two color acrylic frame! The name might seem to have some system behind it and it fact there is: It denotes this puzzle as one with two twisting discs with a binary gray code implemented. Can you guess which part of the name stands for what? This also hints that this is a typical representative of n-ary puzzle: While this puzzle has been created in September 2014, various higher order versions were designed already in August. This makes it a typical family of n-ary puzzles: different number of sliders, different arities of these sliders, and then additionally also different number of discs. Quite fascinating concept! Coming back to this one, it is fun to play with and the moves are nice and easy. You can see a vital part of the mechanics for the interaction between the pieces on the top demonstrating how this puzzle might work. However, there is more to it hidden from view. A clever design! Thank you, Namick!
Added on 2015-01-21
Originally, I had ordered this puzzle before the recent price increase at Shapeways, but somehow it did not work out and I only received the Helix Burr v2, which I still need to solve. After a second try, I have received the most complicated version of the helical burr series, the 27 move HELLical Burr. By coincidence, this is puzzle number 1666 in my collection, which somehow fits very well. I had my first encounter with this difficult puzzle at the IPP banquet, when Ali handed it to me for solving and I did not manage during that evening.
Update on 2015-01-11
I found a limited edition token in one of my puzzles! This puzzle took me 2 months including some weeks of experimenting with a computer program and some non-standard techniques. Interesting! If you have not yet guessed which puzzle I am talking about, please have a look at the post exactly 2 months back. It is an epic puzzle and Allard commented on it: "It goes on and on and on", and who was I to contradict! It is a fantastic puzzle and I not only like all the mechanisms in it, but also love the the little stories hidden in it. Thanks for the great puzzle, Brian! Sorry I cannot be more specific here, not to spoil the fun for other solvers.
Update on 2015-01-07
Just found out that the Karakuri Christmas Presents are on-line on their page now, with the names. Now these puzzles have the correct names on this page: Confetto Box 2, New Parcel Cube, Ring Box 3, and Lock.
Added on 2015-01-05
Today I could pickup my Karakuri Christmas Presents, some four very nice boxes, who took a long and expensive detour via Customs offices. When I first saw the pictures, I guessed the respective craftsmen/designers, and my knowledge about the special cardboard boxes confirmed my guess. It's 2015 already, so I will put up the entries with the correct craftsmen and will not ask the usual question about them, just lacking the proper names for: X-mas present 1, X-mas present 2, X-mas present 3, and X-mas present 4.
Added on 2015-01-01
The new year had a great start and the first puzzle update is the first puzzles added this year, arriving in package from puzzle friend Wil Strijbos. There are three nice boxed burrs made from bamboo designed and manufactured by a Chinese guy whose name I do not know: Checker-board interlock box, Interlock the red square box (A), and Interlock the red square box (B). Nice little interlocking challenges and well crafted! Additionally I received some very tangled nails: Nails Duo 2. Thank you for this challenge, Wil!
Added on 2014-12-31
Last puzzle of the year arrived today directly from Yavuz Demirhan: the beautiful Trichromat. Happy new year to all you readers of my web page!
Added on 2014-12-29
At a puzzle meeting today I received a new Pandora Trick Box, which I had pre-arranged. This is a heavy and probably also difficult multiple step trick box.
Update on 2014-12-26
On the last Christmas day, time to finally unwrap the Dozer and remove it from its packaging (read: 12 piece burr). Read my interesting experiences here: Burr Zoo.
Added on 2014-12-22
Christmas is approaching fast and today I received three packages via three different ways (Customs and two different carriers). The first one is a Karakuri Christmas present from 2010, and a box I was looking for since I played with it in the 2011 IPP31 Design Competition, where it won a honorable mention. The box has a theme fitting the season: House with Trees has four little x-mas trees on it. The second puzzle is Stephan Baumegger's latest try to put additional pieces into burrs. This time a bigger 12 piece burr with a little Bulldozer in it: Dozer. Not an animal piece, but something for the Burr Zoo, to be completed when I have disassembled it, and from what I can say now it is very nice an high quality. The third one was also a nice entry in IPP Design Competition puzzle, from 2009: Qboid. In the picture, I picked up an idea from Gabriel Fernandez' blog — usually you are supposed to build a 2x2x3 cuboid. The puzzle has many different challenges (over 1000) to build, so I might start with some easy ones first. A nice early christmas present from my puzzle friend Michel. Thank you!
Update on 2014-12-15
On my web site I have the honour to host the latest extended version of Goh Pit Khiam's excellent article "The Design of N-ary Mechanical Puzzles", see compendium reference [12]. The update today includes some major extensions and new puzzles mainly, from page 28 onwards, featuring: The Power Box, Racktangle, an illustrated overview of some mixed base Power Tower examples, including a simplification of this concept.
Added on 2014-12-05
Today already a package from Eric Fuller arrived with some of the latest wooden interlocking puzzles. Very exact cuts and high quality as usual. They are: Amatores, Rough Night, Rupture, and Crystalburr
Update on 2014-12-01
My latest update on the Burr Zoo page is not really about animals, but about my experiences with a burr based on a famous race, the Gumball 3K. A surprisingly difficult and rich experience!
Added on 2014-11-28
A package from Nowstore in Hong Kong with the latest two from the DaYan Gem series: DaYan Gem VI is a 3x3x3 with some fancy extra moves and which does not look like a Rubik's cube at all. DaYan Gem VIII is a face turning and tip turning truncated tetrahedron.
Added on 2014-11-22
Today Bernhard kindly invited to a small and very nice puzzle party and beside the lot of fun at the meeting and with the other puzzlers there, I was also able to acquire some special prototypes and new puzzles. The prototypes are cubes and a cuboid with rotations from Jos Bergmans: United, Pirouette, Garmbaad, and one with six identical pieces by Yavuz Demirhan: Six Spades. The latest two puzzles by William Hu and Logan Kleinwaks have also been available already: Chain and Six Iberian Lynxes. The Chain offers nice rotations, while the Six Iberian Lynxes is composed of six identical pieces and has level 9. Two extra pieces are supplied and if you replace two of the standard pieces with these, you will get another puzzle with level 19.
Added on 2014-11-20
Today a massive cube arrived from Stephan: Cube 81 by C.K.Leung. As the name suggests, it requires 81 moves to remove the first piece. The whole puzzle is built around a big column, and before disassembling it completely, only the nut wood pieces move. Very nice fit and high quality. Nice to play with, also the size is just the right choice for playing.
Update on 2014-11-19
Success: I have now disassembled Gobi. It took some time, so I also wrote a long report of this expedition into the Gobi, see my Burr Zoo page.
Added on 2014-11-11
Look! I received a friend for my koala to play with! Today the long awaited Katie Koala and her joey Verne limited edition puzzle arrived. It is the 20th anniversary limited edition by Brian Young and a really beautiful and heavy wooden Koala. A lot of stuff must be inside considering the weight. Will take some time before I will be able to solve it, I guess — lots of puzzling fun! The other koala is sitting on another special puzzle which arrived today: a 3D printed reproduction of the Stickman Box number 5, sometimes called "Borg Box". Another Brian made this possible: Brian Pletcher modelled, prepared, and assembled it. Two truely interesting puzzles!
Added on 2014-11-05
Do you know the "Gumball 3000"? It is a famous (or infamous?) race on public streets, running through several continents, but in some places considered an illegal street race. This is the theme for the latest burr Stephan Baumegger designed and built: Gumball 3K. With its wood grains it is a real beauty and looks a bit like a ball (the trophy for this race?). Although it is not really an 18 pieces burr, I put it into this 18 pieces burr group, as the two extra pieces are well hidden. These pieces are cars and not animals, but close enough for the theme, so I put it into the Burr Zoo to be described when I have disassembled it and revealed the two cars inside. And after all, some fast cars do have animal names, so I should put this puzzle into the Burr Zoo! At the end, with the level, it does not seem an overly difficult burr, but the car pieces makes it a bit more difficult and it is definitely looking beautiful! You can find more pictures on Stephan's facebook page Puzzleisure.
Added on 2014-10-27
Yesterday I went to the Dutch Cube Day and met many old and new puzzle friends there, from different continents even! A very nice event!
From Jack I arrived a special version of his and Pit Khiam's Power Tower participating in this year's IPP Design Competition: Power Tower (mixed base, variable stage). This version comes with a lot of extra pieces and a stopper that allows to select between 3 and 6 stages, and also allows to select an arbitrary combination of binary, ternary, and quaternary pieces. This will intermingle sequences of different arity and may be quite confusing to solve. Not only the craftsmanship is amazing in this puzzle, but also the sheer number of pieces that come with it. The standard configuration is three binary pieces and plays nicely and easily.
The Barcode Burr (printed) is a 3D printed reproduction of the famous wooden version by Lee. Steve engineered and created these printed version in a limited quantity and is a great opportunity to study this fascinating mechanism. In a partial sale of a whole collection, I managed to get some classic puzzles: Computer Puzzler No 2, Computer Puzzler No 5, Double Loop, Trapeze variant, and Unknown Disentanglement 2. All seven puzzles mentioned so far are part of the compendium and n-ary puzzle group page.
From Michel I received a (customized!) Puzzle Wristband and an Expand A Ball. He was cooperating with Robrecht who created the Ladybird and Larva. The first one was part of the IPP Design Competition, the latter one is a simpler version including the same maze. That makes the names of father (Ladybird) and son (Larva) seem most appropriate, and they are both nicely designed and crafted puzzles.
Straight from Hungary Oliver brought a nice Smart Egg - Skull Egg, which is the most difficult of the whole recently released series.
Beside the Power Tower already mentioned, Jack also made a nice theme puzzle, the DCD-burr. Please look at the picture to see why it is a DCD theme puzzle. He was not the only high level burr designer and craftsman present, but also Alfons, from whom I received some nice beauties: Gobi is one of the latest Burr Zoo members. Jadimex is a nice easy puzzle of three boards and three sticks. Maltese looks a bit like a cross of 18 piece burr and a Maltese cross (sic!). Then Jalpa is one from the 18 pieces burr group.
The Letterbox is a nice design by Christoph (one of the guys I once helped with Burr-Tools). So now I also own "my first Lohe", and Chris also this of this design as his best.
The Rammelkast is a trick box by Theo and you hear something going on inside when tilting it. Fascinating and also nice woodwork.
From Bernhard I received as recent re-release Wunder-Puzzle, and then some new complicated interlocking cubes/cuboidsby William Hu: Coo-inter-pack seems to incorporate coordinate motion with interlocking and packing. I am curious to see how this works! Writhing Snake Cube has some snake pieces performing strange rotational moves. Zmije is one of Vinco's puzzles where you do not know how to open it and where the pieces end.
As a present, each participant of DCD received a 6^3 Board Burr, which is a variation of his IPP Exchange puzzle Cubic Board Burr — as Peter demonstrated in his interesting talk.
Added on 2014-10-20
From Shapeways I received a Helix Burr v2, which is a higher level variant of the Helical Burr. My order also included the HELLical Burr (27 moves for the first piece) before the pricing scheme went up, but unfortunately there were problems during printing and I only received this one. At IPP I already failed to solve the HELLical Burr, so maybe I will solve this 16 move variant some near time in the future.
Added on 2014-10-18
Back from the Spiel games fair in Essen I brought some interesting puzzles with me, some of them brand new. My first visit was to Jean-Claude Constantin, and he had some new puzzles compendium and n-ary puzzle group page for me (even after so many new ones he made for IPP): Based on the N522 he demonstrated the generalization aspect of this class very well: He created different sizes of the puzzle from a 2+2-slider N5, via the 3+3-slider N52, and so on until the 10+10 slider N522222222. Of course I was not able to buy all of them, but have some nice representatives. The N5 is good for beginners, while the N52 is a good challenge for an average puzzler, and the N522222222 may not be solved anytime at all. But all of them share the same principle and design. A new design is the Bi-Nary, which combines the this mechanism (of the N5x) with the one of the Six Bottles. It is a combination of two ternary mechanisms, hence the name, and can be quite confusing to solve.
The other puzzles by Constantin are a bit more normal again: Schmuckkiste, Einstein-Box, Spinnennetz, and Picture Ball Maze.
The Romanian Puzzle Box Small looks like a reproduction of a typical Sorrento Trick Box, but the key is hidden in a different place. The rest of the puzzles I bought at Rombol, including some new interlocking puzzles: Assembly Cube, Rondo Turco, Open Crochet Cube, Poco Loco, Framework, and Fan Puzzle.
Added on 2014-10-15
Twisty Octahedra are still a rare species, and yet today I have received a new puzzle from the group of twisty octahedra: Crazy Octahedron Plus - Mercury
Added on 2014-09-19
A package from Puzzlemaster today, starting with some of their own brand: Brass Treasure Chest is a very small puzzle box by Rocky Chiaro, Great Collision one of the group of similar puzzles by Doug Engel, and The Yak Puzzle and Brontosaurus are fierce disentanglement puzzles by Dick Hess. Writer's Block is "an Oskar" using real pens as parts. The Brain is the new version of the puzzle in compendium and n-ary puzzle group page. Cast Galaxy is a fascinating puzzle by Bram Cohen and the latest Hanayama puzzle. At the IPP33 Design Competition it was awarded an "honorable mention". Hourglass is one of those Yamamoto puzzles with high level and rotations, and it also looks nice!
Added on 2014-09-17
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... These puzzles remind me of something I have seen in cinema before. You may have recognized that the new Typhyter standing next to the Droid is not just another 18 pieces burr, but also a beautiful piece of art. This puzzle arrived today in a package from Stephan Baumegger with two other gorgeous novelties: Troika has only three pieces, but looking at the level you see it is pretty hard. From "pretty hard" to "pretty heart": Caught Heart is a beautiful interlocking puzzle touching the borders of the puzzle box category: the heart piece is the only piece that can be removed, and for the others several tilting moves are required. I am sure it will be officially published on the Puzzleisure page soon, and sorry for the bad pun!
Added on 2014-09-12
First update after IPP is a puzzle from the compendium and n-ary puzzle group page: Wicked Wire Fish
Added on 2014-08-13
Usually once every year since 1978 the biggest puzzle related event takes place: the IPP (International Puzzle Party). I have just come back from this amazing event where I met many old and new puzzle friends and brought back some nice puzzles. You can see my "haul" in the picture on the left. About 100 puzzles are from the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange, where you bring about 100 copies of a new puzzle and exchange with 100 other puzzlers. Please see the special page for these puzzles. My puzzle in the Exchange was the Cross + Crown 2013, which is based on a design patented in 1913, 100 years ago. It is an n-ary puzzle. To my big surprise, I received a bigger version of it from my Exchange assistant Kevin Sadler: Cross + Crown 7 This is also n-ary and has an amazing 4802 moves to solve! Thank you! IPP34 Exchange

At IPP, I received a London Lines Puzz-eLLe as a gift from the organizers, and a little IPP34 Necklace Burr from Brian Young. Thank you! The IPP also features the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition. Beside some puzzles which are also in the Exchange, I managed to get some rare n-ary puzzles from the Design Competition: Complementary P-arity and Num Lock. I also bought a smaller version of the Naked Secret Box Red.

At the Puzzleparty, I bought various nice puzzles: Frame+Loop Septet is a n-ary puzzle I was missing in the set, and probably no others will be produced of this kind. From Kirill, I got a Valentine's puzzle as a swap. Tom Lensch and Frans de Vreugd sold me some old but nice of Frans' designs: Quantum Entanglement Exchange and Extreme Boxed Burr. Just a day before IPP, the new Doors and Drawers was ready, and I just had to buy this puzzle. It is a puzzle box/sequential discovery/interlocking/packing puzzle — very nice! I got a Sandfield's Banded Dovetails, which is the predecessor of the version I already have and then I found a Rhombic Maze Burr " many puzzles in one, with up to a several hundereds of moves. This one comes with a whole book of challenges! From Otis I received a Secret Box as a swap for one of my nice Acrobat puzzles. The haul is concluded with a new Indian Trick Lock.

With so many puzzles to solve, I am just starting to solve and will replace the pictures with solved versions once I have solved the corresponding puzzles. This may well take some year or more.

Update: The compendium has been updated and in total 10 new n-ary puzzles from IPP found their way in.

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