Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles Puzzles

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Cast Iron PuzzleCheckered Plate PuzzleChecking inChequered CubeCircle Segment StackCoffin Kugel
Colonel's BouquetCommuters' ChaosContrast-CubeConway I CubeCube +Cubemaker
Cubes in SpaceCubic MattersCubigami Net 4x1x1Cup of TeaseCup PuzzleCurling Box
Currency R and RD-ICEDas verfixte AtomiumDC TeaseDer Kreuz-SchluesselDer Turm zu Babel
Di-Half-HexesDidopuDondrian SquareDouble Feature/Coffin X-75 ADouble SquaredDreieck-Parallelogramm-Quadrat