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Puzzles from IPP37 -- Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange

Usually once every year since 1978 the biggest puzzle related event takes place: the IPP (International Puzzle Party). One of the main events of the puzzle party is the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange. Participants of the exchange will design or select a new puzzle that no-one should have in his collection yet and bring a copy for every other exchanger; mine for IPP is the "Bastille EscapeRing" — please see picture to the right. Now the fun starts: Every exchager exchanges with every other exchanger and it is a fun event that is much more chaotic than you might imagine. Bastille EscapeRing
Exchange puzzles are from various categories This year there were about 100 particicpants in the Exchange, leading to about 100 puzzles. This year, some of the exchangers went through some troubles with production, shipping, and customs, and there are a couple puzzles to be added to this page later on. For a quick look at the name, place the mouse cursor on the picture and wait for the tooltip.
Exchange Puzzles IPP37
French Revolution Clock Solitaire Double Feature/Coffin X-75 A Triplemino Penny-Farthing VI Half-Cut Ze Genie Bottle Colonel's Bouquet Eccentric Pentominoes OMPIC Eiffel Burr Eight Track Try Angles S'Paid In Full The French Resolution B-LOCK Simplography Blocked Half-Cube Box Twisted Sisters Heads and Tails Tetrominoes One way to P.A.R.I.S. Flags of France and Luxembourg 3D Sticks Moulin Rouge Deadly Romance International (Puzzle Party) Airports Sliding Maze Raindrops Puzzle YACP Verstrickt Piege Infernal Dans La Tour Cristal Haleslock 3 3 Pieces 9 Symmetric Shapes Pythiful Trimmetry The Eiffel Tower Puzzle Untouchable 11 Awful Eiffel Dondrian Square Single Knot Let them eat cake Long and Short/Coffin 20-D Eye-Full Illusions Peter's Flipping Di-Flaps YABANE Puzzle Tower-Puzzle Tetrominoes 12345 The Melting Tile Spir ala rips French Point SYM-353 Heblo Parishka Chorazin Adam and Eve Balls Up Eiffel Six Cube HOPE Eye Fill Burr Push Box-3 Making Tower Six Keys Katarena Astrolabe Concentric Arc Five Dogs Cubemaker Unicorn Puzzle Making Cube 2 Non-Void Cube Hide the Tetrominoes Color Snake Bastille EscapeRing Two in Frame Two Butterflies Gridlock at the Arc de Triomphe SIX XIS Coffin's Four Piece Cube Eurofalle 6 / La Luna Framed Sticks 4U Euro Star 9 Puzzle - Hordern B25 Pentotwo Pent Up Formula Antimatch 15 SHOTA's Equilateral Polygon Currency R and R Lyrical Loop Hexagon Puzzle Haleslock 4 Gr8 Gr8-A-Cr8-Pusher Paris Pinned Wedge Key Security Lock United Square Didopu