Compendium of Chinese-Rings-Like Puzzles

2 List of puzzles — Graphical Overview

Below, there is a graphical overview in the same order like the puzzle list, but only the pictures for quick reference. Hover the mouse pointer on each of the images without clicking to see its name, and click on the image to jump to the corresponding puzzle list entry.

Algorithme 9 Alken/Kenal Alles Schiebung Aquarius Box (small) Aquarius Drawer (5 devices) A Slide-ly Tricky Tower Auf dem Holzweg Bald Eagle
Barcode Burr Barcode Burr (3D printed) Barcode Burr (3D printed, Master Sets) B-Box Bicomplementary Formation b/b:1/2 Bi-Nary Bin Laden Bin Laden Too
Binary Bud Binary Ladder Disentanglement Binary Key II Black Bow-Tie B-Nary Buggin Cast Infinity Chinese Rings 5
Chinese Rings 9 Catacombs / Chinese Rings 12 Chinese Soft Rings Complementary p-arity Computer Loops Computer Puzzler No 2 Computer Puzzler No 5 Crazy Elephant Dance
Corn on the Cob I Corn on the Cob II Corn on the Cob III Corn on the Cob IV Corn on the Cob V Corn on the Cob VI Cross and Crown Cross and Crown 2013
Cross and Crown 7 Crossing Delirium Delirium 13 Devil's Cradle Die Welle Digi Fork Lock Digits' Compressor
Disc & Crown CFF 100 Jubilee Edition Puzzle Disordered Chinese Rings Dispersed GC Lock DITWIBIN Double Helix Double Image Double Loop Dragonfly
Drunter & Drueber Electro 1 Electro 2 Elephant Wire Puzzle Entwined Loop Lattice Expansion V Expansion VI Extended Chinese Rings
Ferris Wheel Fibula Puzzle Fidgety Rabbits Fidgety Rabbits ternary Find my Hole Fish Fishing Hook Chain 9-Ring Football
Fortune Frame & Loop Octet Frame & Loop Quartet Frame & Loop Quintet Frame & Loop Septet Frame & Loop Sextet Frame & Loop Trio Frequency Doubler 1
Frequency Doubler 2 Frequency Doubler 3 GC machine ternary Generation Lock Gordian Knot Gordian Knot 2 Gordian Knot 4 Gordian Knot 6
Gourd Grydlock Happiness Hexadecimal Puzzle Hexadecimal Puzzle Reproduction Hexadecimal Puzzle 2013 Jack-in-the-Box JUNC
Junk's Hanoi K-323 K-419 King-CUBI Kugellager Kugellager 7 Kugellager 8 Labynary
Left-Right Chinese Rings Lego Ternary Gray Code Puzzle Lock Lock 14 Lock 250+ Longevity Loony Loop Loopary Branch
Mandarin Duck Maze Mechanic CUBI Meiro Maze Variant Merry-go-round Mini Num Lock (binary) MiSenary Puzzle Box MixTer-MaxTer
MMMDXLVI Mountain Trail Mountain Trail II Mysterians N5 N52 N522 N522222222
New Puzzle Rings 3 New Puzzle Rings 5 New Secret Box IV Nine Twists No Full Pirouette! Num Lock Num Lock (mixed bases) Oh Sh*t! Puzzle
Pagoda Panex Gold Panex Silver Panex Squared Pear Pharaoh's Dilemma Phoenix Pin Burr 2
Planex Power Tower Power Tower (mixed base — variable stage) Power Box Puzzle H PyraCircle Quadrupled Quadlooplet Quatro
Racktangle Railing with Draining ternary Reflection ReTern Key ReTern Key with circular pieces Reverse Chinese Rings Rings Bottle Rudenko Clips
Rudenko Disc Rudenko Matryoshka Seestern Second Order Chinese Rings Septenary Cube Sequence Cube Short Big Sliding Lock Six Bottles
Six Keys Box Sliding-Block Chinese Rings-style Puzzle Slots and Pins (mixed base) Sluice and Ships Small CUBI SpinOut SpinOut SpinOut
Spiralschloss Steuerrad Super-CUBI Super-CUBI (small) Teapot Tern Key Ternary Burr Ternary Burr
Ternary Burr Ternary / Quinary Cube The Bell The Binary Burr The Binary Burr The Binary Burr (small) The Brain The Cat
The Horse The Key Third Order Chinese Rings Tower of Hanoi Trapeze Tricky Frame Tricky Mouse Uhrwerk
Unknown Disentanglement Vertical Viking Box Visible 5-Ary Drawer (Quinary) Wheel xBrain binary xBrain ternary xBrain quarternary

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