Compendium of Chinese-Rings-Like Puzzles

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5 Acknowledgements

The idea for this compendium dates back a few years, and in 2012 first steps were taken for implementation, starting to collect data, searching for new puzzles and determining a common property to create a formal definition.

I wish to thank Dan Feldman for big support in the creation of this compendium during many discussions, with research on certain puzzles and editorial work on this compendium. My thanks also go to Nick Baxter and Michel van Ipenburg, with whom I had some detail discussions about the compendium and some puzzles included.

Of course I do not own all the puzzles and need pictures of puzzles that I do not have, of course observing the copyright. Thank you for picture contributions or puzzle samples for taking pictures to: Dan Feldman, Jack Krijnen, Namick Salakhov, Rob Stegmann, Dirk Weber, Yvon Pelletier, Claus Wenicker, Allard Walker, Michel van Ipenburg, Nick Baxter, Robert Hilchie, Kevin Sadler, Jerry McFarland, Stephen Miller, Jeremy Rayner, James Dalgety, Fredrik Stridsman, and Oskar van Deventer. Thanks to Jan de Ruiter for pointing out the similarity between Quatro and Chinese Rings. Thanks to Pit Khiam Goh for some interesting discussions around BurrTools models of the puzzles and for confirming some puzzle entry details, and also nice illustrations of puzzles and puzzle examples. Many thanks to the designers and craftsmen who provided some of their puzzles for my collection or some detail descriptions of the puzzles.

Ingenious Rings: Many thanks to Wei Zhang, Peter Rasmussen and Nick Baxter for providing me material on these wire puzzles, of which I selected the ones that seem to fit the definition well. Beside the book [7] they also have a nice web site [8] and [9] on this topic. (see references above)

6 Feedback

This compendium is not a static collection of puzzles, but a dynamic overview which will be updated when new puzzles, new details, pictures or references are available. If you would like to send me some feedback on the compendium, submit additional material or information to be added, or update some entries, please send a mail to me:

Your feedback and contributions are welcome, so please do not hesitate. I am always interested to hear some interesting background stories about the puzzles.

If you are sending pictures for publication in the compendium, please clearly indicate that you are the holder of the rights on these pictures and that you allow the use in this compendium.