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Puzzle Group: n-ary Puzzles

This page is the first group page created in this gallery, to contain some puzzles that are closely related and to demonstrate how they are related.
The first group of puzzle may seem like a collection of completely different puzzles at first, and it includes a Japanese Karakuri box, a big burr from Australia, several metal puzzles, some elephants, little cube boxes, and several sliding puzzles, and then there is the big one with a good colleciton of switches. So what's the common properties of these all (and even more not in my rollection)?

All of them have properties qualifying them as "n-ary puzzles".

It started with the old Chinese Rings puzzle and the discovery that the rings can be interpreted as bits (0 or 1) and then the puzzle and its solution would resemble the Gray Code, which originates in coding theory. Later on, ternary puzzles (like the Crazy Elephant Dance) were designed lifting the puzzles from binary to ternary, with all pieces having three states (0, 1, or 2). More and more puzzles came and were determined to be n-ary, with the record holder so far being the 15-ary "Generation Lock". Read more in this very mathematical analysis here.

Starting with the original Kugellager I collected some information on n-ary puzzles and integrated them into my article about the Kugellager. It contains some information on puzzles I do not have and you can download it here: Kugellager.pdf. Enjoy reading!

While this page only shows the puzzles I have in my collection, I have created a compendium containing more of them, even all known to me:
Compendium of Chinese-Rings-Like Puzzles
Enjoy reading and browsing the big list of puzzles!

2-ary (binary) puzzles
Zankeisen mini Metal Chinese Rings Chinese Rings 9 Vintage Chinese Rings computer loops SpinOut SPIN-OUT The Brain Small Cubi Hexadecimal Puzzle Bin Laden Frame+Loop Trio Frame+Loop Quartet Frame+Loop Quintet Frame+Loop Sextet Rudenko Disk Rings Disentanglement Fidgety Rabbits binary Left-Right Chinese Rings Eureka 3D Puzzle H Binary Key II Ferris Wheel Hexadecimal Puzzle 2013 Expansion V Binary Burr Dispersed GC Lock Quatro Steuerrad Labynary Binary Bud Frame+Loop Octet Bicomplementary formation b/b:1/2 Rat Race Tree Puzzle New Puzzle Rings 3 New Puzzle Rings 5 Pin Burr 2 Frame+Loop Septet Alle Schiebung Wicked Wire Fish The Brain Barcode Burr (printed) Computer Puzzler No 2 Computer Puzzler No 5 Trapeze variant Unknown Disentanglement 2 DITWIBIN Tricky Frame Tricky Mouse Drunter und Drueber Fibula Puzzle Bin Laden Too Elephant SpinOut Elephant Wire Puzzle Delirium 13 Binary Burr 3 small Binary Burr 4 small Binary Burr 5 small Binary Burr 6 small Binary Burr 7 small Binary Burr 8 small Binary Burr 9 small Binary Burr 10 small Digits' Compressor B-Box, Reactor Dingo Trap Airplane Mechanic Cubi JUNC Binary Ladder Disentanglement* Mountain Trail Alken/Kenal Corn on the Cob I Corn on the Cob II Corn on the Cob III The Key Puzzle Bald Eagle Buggin xBrain binary New Secret Box IV Electro 2 Reverse Chinese Rings Second-order Chinese Rings Third-order Chinese Rings Disordered Chinese Rings Mountain Trail II Double Image Loopary Branch Barcode Burr (printed) Crossing SpinOut mini Barcode Burr Master Set Upgrade Chinese Soft Ring Corn on the Cob IV Corn on the Cob V Corn on the Cob VI Catacombs Chinese Soft Ring Piano Rainbow 4L Bin Seahorse Faraday Cage Panex Junior 5L Bin YPANEX Railings Binary Disk Ratchet Sensi Box B-Bar
3-ary (ternary) puzzles
Crazy Elephant Dance Tern Key Ternary Burr K323 Auf dem Holzweg Rudenko Clips Sliding-block Chinese-Ring-Style Puzzle Fidgety Rabbits ternary Matroshka Rudenko Gordian Knot 2 Gordian Knot 4 Gordian Knot 6 Gordian Knot Japanese disentanglement Towers of Hanoi Lego Ternary Gray Code Puzzle Spiralschloss Uhrwerk N522 GC machine ternary Railing with Draining ternary Electro 1 Little Gordians Knot Six Bottles Viking Box Complementary P-arity Num Lock Panex Squared Find my Hole Lock 14 N5 N52 N522222222 Bi-Nary Double Loop Uhrwerk Bi-Nary Racktangle MixTer-MaxTer Panex Gold Disc + Crown CFF 100 Jubilee Edition Puzzle Fishing Hook Chain 9-Ring B-Nary Super-CUBI (small) Aquarius Drawer The Bell xBrain ternary Planex Jack-in-the-Box Steuerrad-Kiste* Barcode Burr Master Set Upgrade Sluice and Ships 6:5/N12 Six Keys Box Aquarius Box (small) 5 times 5 times 5 A Slide-Ly Tricky Tower Crazy Elephant Dance Ternary Pin Burr Stacker N-Airy Box ReTern Key with Circular Pieces (Coin Release) The Tippenary Mystery Tour N3 Box Coherent Convoys Telefon Box Magestic 3 Eurofalle 8 / Auf dem Holzweg Stern Box Shuttle Run Shoulder To Shoulder
4-ary (quaternary) puzzles
K419 MMMDXLVI Reflection No Full Pirouette! xBrain quaternary Barcode Burr Master Set Upgrade Sequence Cube Digi Fork-Lock Gear Box Panex Galaxy Square Hanoi Switched Maze Egyptian Coin Trade MiBinity I Ziggurat Zigguflat Zigguflat (4 pieces) Zigguflat (8 pieces) Ziggutwist Zigguchain Zigguchain 12 links Ziggutwist Too Zigguhooked Ziggutrees
5-ary (quinary) puzzles
Kugellager Kugellager 8 Die Welle Sliding Lock Puzzle Mysterians Frequency Doubler 1 Frequency Doubler 2 Cross + Crown 2013 Power Tower (mix base - var st) Quadrupled Quadlooplet Voidlock Metal Visible 5-Ary Drawer (Quinary) Ternary / Quinary Cube Vertical White Bow-Tie Void Box Lager Lock Tvnary
6-ary (senary) puzzles
Lock 250+ Cast Infinity Merry-go-round Slidebox Salva
7-ary (septenary) puzzles
Kugelllager 7 Cross + Crown 7 MiSenary Puzzlebox Entwined Loops Lattice Septenary Cube Devil
9-ary (nonary) puzzles
Num Lock (mixed base) Black Bow-Tie O.M.G Jellyfish
10-ary (denary) puzzles
Jack's Ladder
11-ary (undenary) puzzles
15-ary (quindenary) puzzles
Generation Lock