Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Puzzle Boxes

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Himitsu BakoHimitsu BakoHimitsu BakoHimitsu BakoHingeHouse of the Dragon
House with TreesHow?BoxHydrantIce BoxIn a CageInterlink
Irrsins-BoxIxia BoxJack in the BoxJailbreak 4.0Japanese Secret Box Good FortuneJewel Thief
Kamei Telescoping BoxKamei Treasure ChestKarakuri Cake 1 (Cheese Cake)Karakuri Cake 2 (Fruit Cake)Karakuri Cake 3 (Chocolate Cake)Karakuri Cake 4 (Fruit Cake)
Karakuri Cube Box 1Karakuri Cube Box 2Karakuri Cube Box 3Karakuri Cube Box 4Karakuri Joint 2Karakuri Small Box 1 KK-1