Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Twisty Puzzles

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Dioctipoid 1.0Dioctipoid 2.0DogicDogic 1Dreidel 3x3x3Dual 3x3x3 Cube
Edge Gear OctahedronElite SkewbEnigmaEvil Eye II DodecahedronEvil SeedF-Skewb
Face Turning JewelFangshi Venom CubeFeliks CubeFisher SkewbFisher Yileng Wheel of TimeFloppy Ghost Cube
Floppy Mirror CubeFlower CopterFlower-MinxGammaGear Corner Turning OctahedronGear Cube
Gear PyraminxGear ShiftGear SkewbGear-Cube ExtremeGeary CubeGhost Cube