Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles

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GCD 2014 GiveawayGCD 2018 GiveawayGem BoxGolfball PuzzleGoodieGospaer's Modified Conway 7 CubeCube
Gridlock at the Arc de TriompheH-PuzzleHalf-CutHappy Birthday!Harun Packing PuzzleHat Trick
Heads and Tails TetrominoesHeart and Bud PuzzleHexagonHexagon PuzzleHidden Curry No. 90Hide the Tetrominoes
House of TangramHumboldt PuzzleIchthusIdenttrickInsiderInternational (Puzzle Party) Airports
IPP PuzzleIPP31 Puzzle GiftIPP34 in SquareJerrymanderKaneko CubeKatarena