Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles Puzzles

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Make a Square - Cover the CentreMaking Cube 2Making TowerMarbles CageMatchbox-PuzzleMatryoshka Puzzle
Mini-PyramideMonge's V-TricubesMorph 2 - Obeirnes  CubeNew*TNightmaresNon-Convex Bi-Half-Hexes
Oblo Puzzle SpheresOctassembly Octet in FOMPICOne way to P.A.R.I.S.Pack 012
Packing additional piecePants PuzzlePencil PuzzlePent UpPenta in a BoxPentagon-Triangle Puzzle
PentoPentotwoPeter's Flipping Di-FlapsPicadilly CirclesPie without the EPolo-Shirt-Puzzle