Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles

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Framed JigsawFrench RevolutionFritz FlopFull of TetraminosGaletteGarage Box
GCD 2014 GiveawayGCD 2018 GiveawayGem BoxGikan BakoGolfball PuzzleGoodie
Gospaer's Modified Conway 7 CubeCubeGridlock at the Arc de TriompheH-PuzzleHalf-CutHappy Birthday!Harun Packing Puzzle
Hat TrickHeads and Tails TetrominoesHeart and Bud PuzzleHEINZHexagonHexagon Puzzle
Hidden Curry No. 90Hide the TetrominoesHouse of TangramHumboldt PuzzleIchthusIdenttrick