Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles

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Kreuz mit krummen FuessenLa pyramide misterieuseLean TwoLegal PackingLomino Cube 4London Lines Puzz-eLLe
London SquaresLyrical LoopMade in ChinaMadHatters PuzzlePartyMagic Cube miniMagna-Wuerfel
Make a Square - Cover the CentreMaking Cube 2Making TowerMarbles CageMatchbox-PuzzleMatryoshka Puzzle
MeshMini-PyramideMonge's V-TricubesMorph 2 - Obeirnes  CubeMushkila No 3Mushkila No 4
New*TNightmaresNon-Convex Bi-Half-HexesOblo Puzzle SpheresOctassembly Octet in F