Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles Puzzles

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The Eiffel Tower PuzzleThe French ResolutionThe Love CubeThe Magic Cube - Wood PuzzleThe Melting TileThe Paris IPP Cube
The Pentagon TilesThe Pythagorean PuzzleThe RattleTheos HalfcubesTorus 3D 16 piecesTorus 3D 24 pieces
TrEGGonyTriangle CubeTriangle PuzzleTriple PlayTriple TroubleTriplemino
Tulsy-WuerfelTwisted SistersTwo Piece PyramidTwo Star PuzzleTwo-To-FoldU-Wuerfel
Unlawful AssemblyUntouchable 11Vinco TriangleVista CubeVogelpuzzle miniWashington DC Sightseeing