Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles

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1 to 8 Squared100 Cube13 Triangles15 Interlocking Quads16 Hexominoes in a Twin-Square3 M puzzle
3 Pentagons3 Piece Tetrahedron3 Pieces 9 Symmetric Shapes3/4 Cube3D Cross Puzzle3D Sticks
3D Wuerfel (Big Brother)4 M puzzle4-Quadrat4L4L Basket5L Box
9 Parts Packing ProblemA Voyage to Terra AustralisAdam's AppleAll FiveAntimatch 15Arrow Puzzle
Balance of PowerBastilleBeer Mug PuzzleBirds by the Window P8-1Black and White AntislideBlocked Half-Cube Box
Bracket HolesBuild a houseBuridanButterfly PuzzleCabooseCasino
Cast Iron PuzzleCheckered Plate PuzzleChecking inChequered CubeCircle Segment StackCoffin Kugel
Colonel's BouquetCommuters' ChaosContrast-CubeConway I CubeCool your CocktailCube +
Cube 3D KnobelboxCubemakerCubemakerCubes in SpaceCubic MattersCubigami Net 4x1x1
Cup of TeaseCup PuzzleCurling BoxCurrency R and RD-ICEDas verfixte Atomium
DC TeaseDer Kreuz-SchluesselDer Turm zu BabelDi-Half-HexesDidopuDondrian Square
Double Feature/Coffin X-75 ADouble SquaredDreieck-Parallelogramm-QuadratDunantEasy BoxEccentric Pentominoes
Ei des ColumbusEiffel Six CubeEquiliteral Triangle Puzzle ET-321-a1Escape the PlagueEuklid For KidsEuklid for Nick
Euro StarEye-Full IllusionsF-PuzzleFarben-WuerfelFind your P's, Q's ... and T'sFive Dogs
Five DucklingsFlags of France and LuxembourgFlying SaucerFormulaFramed JigsawFrench Revolution
Full of TetraminosGaletteGCD 2014 GiveawayGCD 2018 GiveawayGem BoxGolfball Puzzle
GoodieGospaer's Modified Conway 7 CubeCubeGridlock at the Arc de TriompheH-PuzzleHalf-CutHarun Packing Puzzle
Hat TrickHeads and Tails TetrominoesHeart and Bud PuzzleHexagonHexagon PuzzleHide the Tetrominoes
House of TangramHumboldt PuzzleIchthusIdenttrickInternational (Puzzle Party) AirportsIPP Puzzle
IPP31 Puzzle GiftIPP34 in SquareJerrymanderKaneko CubeKatarenaKreuz 2
Kreuz mit krummen FuessenLa pyramide misterieuseLean TwoLegal PackingLomino Cube 4London Lines Puzz-eLLe
London SquaresLyrical LoopMade in ChinaMadHatters PuzzlePartyMagic Cube miniMagna-Wuerfel
Make a Square - Cover the CentreMaking Cube 2Making TowerMarbles CageMatchbox-PuzzleMatryoshka Puzzle
MeshMini-PyramideMonge's V-TricubesMorph 2 - Obeirnes  CubeMushkila No 3Mushkila No 4
New*TNightmaresNon-Convex Bi-Half-HexesOblo Puzzle SpheresOctassembly Octet in F
OMPICOne way to P.A.R.I.S.Pack 012Packing additional piecePacking Puzzle 4PPants Puzzle
PeamaruPencil PuzzlePent UpPenta in a BoxPentagon-Triangle PuzzlePento
PentotwoPeter's Flipping Di-FlapsPicadilly CirclesPie without the EPincersPOCKET
Polo-Shirt-PuzzlePtZPumpkin 1Puzzle 7Puzzle CoaStarPythiful Trimmetry
Quadrat-PuzzleQuadrat-Puzzle 2QuadroRekubusRollercoasterRubik's Triamid
Rules of AttractionSandwich-PuzzleSenemmetrySenemmetry IIShameful Congressional GridlockShort Circuit
SHOTA's Equilateral PolygonShrinking SomaSix Corners*Six Cushion ShotSix KeysSix Ticks
Six-T-PuzzleSlide PackingSnake Pit No 1Snake Pit No 2SoccerpuzzleSoma cube
Soma cube brunelSoma in CaseSOMA PackSomaaSpheresSphinks Cargo Car
Spir ala ripsSquare DissectionStadtpuzzle Muenster-RathausStand By Cube 1Stand By Cube 2Stand By Cube 3
Stop-PuzzleStumbling BlocksSwiss Cheese PuzzleSYM-353Symmetric ShapeSymmetric Shape
Symmetric ShapeSymmetrickT-5 PuzzleTan-TalizingTangramTetra Parquet
Tetra SpinnerTetraCubedTetrominoes 12345The damned TThe Eiffel Tower PuzzleThe French Resolution
The Love CubeThe Magic Cube - Wood PuzzleThe Melting TileThe Paris IPP CubeThe Pentagon TilesThe Pythagorean Puzzle
The RattleTheos HalfcubesTorus 3D 16 piecesTorus 3D 24 piecesTrEGGonyTriangle Cube
Triangle Cube 3Triangle PuzzleTriple 3Triple PlayTriple TroubleTriplemino
Tulsy-WuerfelTwisted SistersTwo Piece PyramidTwo Star PuzzleTwo-To-FoldU-Wuerfel
Unlawful AssemblyUntouchable 11Vinco TriangleVista CubeVogelpuzzle miniWashington DC Sightseeing
Washington Skyline PuzzleWeltkugel-PuzzleWerkstatt IIIWestentaschen-PuzzleWindmill keyWuerfelbox 6 Stacked Sticks
X-CageYACPYell-Oh PuzzleYuseiZiggyZufalls-Cube