Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Packing Puzzles

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1 to 8 Squared100 Cube13 Triangles15 Interlocking Quads16 Hexominoes in a Twin-Square2CO
3 M puzzle3 Pentagons3 Piece Tetrahedron3 Pieces 9 Symmetric Shapes3/4 Cube3D Cross Puzzle
3D Sticks3D Wuerfel (Big Brother)4 M puzzle4-Quadrat4L4L Basket
4L Bin5 Mononoke5L Basket5L Bin5L Box6 Ayakashi
9 Parts Packing ProblemA Voyage to Terra AustralisAdam's AppleAKKUAll FiveAntimatch 15
Arctic PuzzleArrow PuzzleAus dem EFFEFF?Balance of PowerBastilleBeer Mug Puzzle
Birds by the Window P8-1Black and White AntislideBlocked Half-Cube BoxBracket HolesBroken BoxBuild a house
BuridanButterfly PuzzleCabooseCalendar PuzzleCasinoCast Iron Puzzle
Checkered Plate PuzzleChecking inChequered CubeChiral 2 + 2Circle Segment StackCoffin Kugel
Colonel's BouquetCommuters' ChaosContrast-CubeConway I CubeCool your CocktailCrescents Coaster
CroissantCube +Cube 3D KnobelboxCubemakerCubemakerCubes in Space
Cubic MattersCubigami Net 4x1x1Cup of TeaseCup PuzzleCurling BoxCurrency R and R
D-ICEDas verfixte AtomiumDC TeaseDer Kreuz-SchluesselDer Turm zu BabelDi-Half-Hexes
Dictionary CaseDidopuDondrian SquareDouble Feature/Coffin X-75 ADouble SquaredDreieck-Parallelogramm-Quadrat
dui mianDump ThemDunantEasy BoxEccentric PentominoesEdgeHog
Ei des ColumbusEiffel Six CubeEight CrossesEquiliteral Triangle Puzzle ET-321-a1Escape the PlagueEuklid For Kids
Euklid for NickEuro StarEye-Full IllusionsF-PuzzleFarben-WuerfelFarm Fencing
FermatFermat meets FullerFind your P's, Q's ... and T'sFive DogsFive DucklingsFive Fennec Foxes
Flags of France and LuxembourgFlying SaucerForest PuzzleFormulaFramed JigsawFrench Revolution
Full of TetraminosGaletteGCD 2014 GiveawayGCD 2018 GiveawayGem BoxGolfball Puzzle
GoodieGospaer's Modified Conway 7 CubeCubeGridlock at the Arc de TriompheH-PuzzleHalf-CutHappy Birthday!
Harun Packing PuzzleHat TrickHeads and Tails TetrominoesHeart and Bud PuzzleHexagonHexagon Puzzle
Hidden Curry No. 90Hide the TetrominoesHouse of TangramHumboldt PuzzleIchthusIdenttrick
InsiderInternational (Puzzle Party) AirportsIPP PuzzleIPP31 Puzzle GiftIPP34 in SquareJerrymander
Kaneko CubeKatarenaKreuz 2Kreuz mit krummen FuessenL-I-Vator IL-I-Vator II
L6La pyramide misterieuseLean TwoLegal PackingLISTLomino Cube 4
London Lines Puzz-eLLeLondon SquaresLUTZLyrical LoopMade in ChinaMadHatters PuzzleParty
Magic Cube miniMagna-WuerfelMake a Square - Cover the CentreMaking Cube 2Making TowerManneken
Marbles CageMatchbox-PuzzleMatryoshka PuzzleMeshMini-PyramideMonge's V-Tricubes
Morph 2 - Obeirnes  CubeMushkila No 3Mushkila No 4NaaidoosNew*TNightmares
No Holes BarredNon-Convex Bi-Half-HexesNut StackOblo Puzzle SpheresOcean PuzzleOctassembly
Octet in FOMPICOne way to P.A.R.I.S.OutbackPack 012Packing additional piece
Packing Puzzle 4PPants PuzzlePeamaruPencil PuzzlePent UpPenta in a Box
Pentagon-Triangle PuzzlePentoPentotwoPeter's Flipping Di-FlapsPicadilly CirclesPie without the E
PincersPOCKETPolo-Shirt-PuzzlePtZPumpkin 1Puzzle 7
Puzzle CoaStarPythiful TrimmetryQuadrat-PuzzleQuadrat-Puzzle 2QuadrilleQuadro
RekubusRollercoasterRubik's TriamidRules of AttractionSandwich-PuzzleSave the Rainforest
SchiebepuzzleScrew EnigmaScrew FitScrew PackSenemmetrySenemmetry
Senemmetry IISerpentariumShameful Congressional GridlockShip in a BottleShort CircuitSHOTA's Equilateral Polygon
Shrinking SomaSimplicitas-3Six Corners*Six Cushion ShotSix KeysSix Ticks
Six-T-PuzzleSlide PackingSlidersSnake Pit No 1Snake Pit No 2Soccerpuzzle
Soma 6 PackSoma cubeSoma cube brunelSoma in CaseSOMA PackSomaa
SpheresSphinks Cargo CarSpir ala ripsSquare DissectionStadtpuzzle Muenster-RathausStand By Cube 1
Stand By Cube 2Stand By Cube 3Stop-PuzzleStumbling BlocksSwiss Cheese PuzzleSYM-353
Symmetric ShapeSymmetric ShapeSymmetric ShapeSymmetrickT-5 PuzzleTan-Talizing
TangramTauTetra ParquetTetra SpinnerTetraCubedTetromino Case V01MU
Tetromino Case V02MUTetromino Case V03HKTetrominoes 12345The damned TThe Eiffel Tower PuzzleThe French Resolution
The Lost DucklingThe Love CubeThe Magic Cube - Wood PuzzleThe Melting TileThe Paris IPP CubeThe Pentagon Tiles
The Pythagorean PuzzleThe RattleTheos HalfcubesTorus 3D 16 piecesTorus 3D 24 piecesTrEGGony
Triangle CubeTriangle Cube 3Triangle PuzzleTriple 3Triple PlayTriple Trouble
TripleminoTulsy-WuerfelTurn Them InTUTUTwisted SistersTwo Piece Pyramid
Two Star PuzzleTwo-To-FoldU-WuerfelUnlawful AssemblyUntouchable 11Uol Puzzle
Vinco TriangleVista CubeVogelpuzzle miniVortexWashington DC SightseeingWashington Skyline Puzzle
Weltkugel-PuzzleWerkstatt IIIWestentaschen-PuzzleWindmill keyWuerfelbox 6 Stacked SticksX-Cage
YACPYell-Oh PuzzleYuseiZ1*8Z2*5aZiggy