Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Disentanglement Puzzles Puzzles

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More Serpentile StringsMoumental MystificationMountain TrailMountain Trail IIMove the beads 1*Move the beads 2*
Nails Duo 2New Puzzle Rings 3New Puzzle Rings 5Old Man's DesireOoO RINGOskar's Disks
Paris Pinned Wedge KeyPenny-Farthing VIPeppermintPuck DisentanglementPuzzle HQuadrupled Quadlooplet
QuatroRat RaceReflectionRemove the U-StickReverse Chinese RingsRhombic Dodecahedron Puzzle
Ring on XRings BottleS'Paid In FullSecond-order Chinese RingsShape MakerSingle Knot