Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Disentanglement Puzzles

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Computer Puzzler No 2Computer Puzzler No 5Coral + SweetCorn on the Cob ICorn on the Cob IICorn on the Cob III
Corn on the Cob IVCorn on the Cob VCorn on the Cob VICubebotDas Amulett des SultansDetachable Ball and Chain
Devil's HaloDiamond EntanglementDig EarsDingo TrapDisentanglement Puzzle S61*Disordered Chinese Rings
Doppel-SpiraleDouble ImageDouble LoopDouble ScissorsDouble Trouble Wine and CheeseDrunter und Drueber
Dutch String PuzzleEight TrackElectro 1Electro 2Electro 3Elephant Wire Puzzle