Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Disentanglement Puzzles

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2 Bead Classic Disentanglement4 Ring Metal Disentanglement Puzzle*Adam and EveAdvanced Solution Ring 3 Chain*AirplaneAmpere's Rule
Ankle BootsAstrayAstrolabeAugerB. Dorstrom Puzzle 2018Bald Eagle
BaskervilleBeanstalkBeyond the Ying-YangBinary Ladder Disentanglement*Borromean Security Pins*Boxing Glove
BQTTLEBroken JewelBrontosaurusBugginCablewayCarousel on Stand*
Carthesian WalletCast a and aCast AmourCast ArrowsCast BaroqCast Beta Capsule
Cast BicyleCast BoxCast CakeCast ChainCast CoilCast Coral
Cast CrossCast CycloneCast DeltaCast DialCast DiceCast Disk
Cast DolceCast DonutsCast DotCast DuetCast EnigmaCast Equa
Cast FlagCast G&GCast GalaxyCast H and HCast HarmonyCast Helix
Cast HexCast HookCast HorseCast HourglassCast KeyholeCast Keyring
Cast LabyCast LoopCast LoveCast MarbleCast MedalCast Moebius
Cast O GearCast PlanetCast PlateCast QuartetCast RadixCast Rattle
Cast RingCast Ring IICast RippleCast RotorCast S and SCast Shift
Cast SliderCast SnowCast SpiralCast SquareCast TrinityCast Tube
Cast TwistCast U and UCast UFOCast ValveCast ViolonCast Vortex
Cast W-UCatacombsCaterpillarChained UpChandelierCheckered Steady Cube
Chinese ElkChinese Lanterns IIChinese Rings 9Chinese Soft RingChinese Soft RingChorazin
Chris Ramsay PuzzleClovercomputer loopsComputer Puzzler No 2Computer Puzzler No 5Coral + Sweet
Corn on the Cob ICorn on the Cob IICorn on the Cob IIICorn on the Cob IVCorn on the Cob VCorn on the Cob VI
Crazy DonutCubebotDas Amulett des SultansDetachable Ball and ChainDevil's HaloDiamond Entanglement
Dig EarsDingo TrapDisentanglement Puzzle S61*Disordered Chinese RingsDoppel-SpiraleDouble Image
Double LoopDouble ScissorsDouble Trouble Wine and CheeseDrunter und DrueberDutch String PuzzleEight Track
Electro 1Electro 2Electro 3Elephant Wire PuzzleEntwined Loops LatticeFaraday Cage
Ferris WheelFibula PuzzleFireFish the THAMESFishing Hook Chain 9-RingFrame+Loop Octet
Frame+Loop QuartetFrame+Loop QuintetFrame+Loop SeptetFrame+Loop SextetFrame+Loop TrioFree the Marble
Globular Embrace 4 RingsGordian KnotGordian Knot 2Gordian Knot 4Gordian Knot 6Great Collision
Grenade 1Grenade 2Grenade 3Grenade 4Halve a HeartHeadset
Holistic RingHypno BallsIQ Games Rope Puzzle Evolution 1IQ Games Rope Puzzle Evolution 2IQ Games Rope Puzzle Evolution 3IQ Games Rope Puzzle Evolution 4
IQ Games Rope Puzzle Evolution 5IQ Games Rope Puzzle Evolution 6Iron HeartJack's LadderJack's Ladder IIJoin the Club
Keys to the KingdomKyoto 2016 Disentanglement PuzzleLeft-Right Chinese RingsLeprechaun's DilemmaLes 2 Boules DesuniesLes Cerises
Light BulbLittle Gordians KnotLock and KeyLoopary BranchLucky CloverLucky Lantern
Magische SchluesselMake my DayMammothMausefalleMeiro Maze VariantMetal Chinese Rings
Mini-Metallpuzzle 301-11Mini-Metallpuzzle 301-4Mini-Metallpuzzle 301-5Mini-Metallpuzzle 301-6Mini-Metallpuzzle 301-7Mini-Metallpuzzle 301-8
Mobius RingModel ZMore Serpentile StringsMoumental MystificationMountain TrailMountain Trail II
Move the beads 1*Move the beads 2*Nails Duo 2New Puzzle Rings 3New Puzzle Rings 5No Return
Old Man's DesireOlympic RingsOoO RINGOskar's DisksPenny-Farthing VIPeppermint
PianoPuck DisentanglementPuzzle BPuzzle HQuadrupled QuadloopletQuatro
RadlRailingsRainbowRat RaceRatchetReflection
Remove the U-StickReverse Chinese RingsRhombic Dodecahedron PuzzleRing on XRings BottleRope Ladder
S'Paid In FullScaffoldScapegraceScissors 1Scissors 2Scissors 3
Scissors 4SeahorseSecond-order Chinese RingsShape MakerShoot the MoonShoulder To Shoulder
Shuttle RunSingle KnotSix Serpentile StringsSnake BiteSunglassesSuper G
Tel AradTelefonTerraced fieldsTesla ValveThe 23rd Labour of HerculesThe Borromean Rings Puzzle
The caught heartThe Different-storeyed meledaThe Snail B and CThe Tangle of AmathusThe Three SistersThe Yak Puzzle
Third-order Chinese RingsThree CoinsTon's Ring PuzzelTrapeze variantTree PuzzleTricky Frame
Tricky MouseTrinity InfinityTwelve EdgesUnicorn PuzzleUnknown Disentanglement 1Unknown Disentanglement 2
Valentine's puzzleVerstricktVintage Plastic Chinese RingsW disentanglement puzzle*WeavingWicked Wire Fish
Witch-KeyWun-Wa-SureZankeisen MiniZigguchain