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Puzzles from IPP32 -- Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange

Usually once every year since 1978 the biggest puzzle related event takes place: the IPP (International Puzzle Party). One of the main events of the puzzle party is the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange. Participants of the exchange will design or select a new puzzle that no-onei should have in his collection yet and bring a copy for every other exchanger; mine for IPP is the "Acrobat" - please see picture to the right. Now the fun starts: Every exchager exchanges with every other exchanger and it is a fun event that is much more chaotic than you might imagine. Acrobat
Exchange puzzles are from various categories This year there were only about 80 particicpants in the Exchange, leading to about 80 puzzles. To the left, there is a "before" picture, when the puzzles were piled on my table before being put into the nice gallery shape below. For a quick look at the name, place the mouse cursor on the picture and wait for the tooltip.
Exchange Puzzles IPP32
Two Key Lock New*T Lomino Cube 4 Puzzle in a Puzzle Box The Prickly Puzzle Rectangule String Route Balance of Power Moumental Mystification Try-Cycle Puzzle The Mouse House Holistic Ring Jerrymander The Perplexing Palace Puzzle The Pentagon Tiles A Plugged Well Cold Fusion PrimEvil Yusei Spotted Cube Flying Saucer Nightmares Double UT Washington DC Sightseeing 16 Hexominoes in a Twin-Square More Serpentile Strings Mall-Function Calamity Clock Morph 2 - Obeirnes  Cube Symmetric Shape TriBal Trifle Budget Crisis Mr Twisty Octet in F Network Builder TetraCubed Cubes in Space Ring on X Liberty Cubes Knobbly Box DC Tease Di-Half-Hexes Heart and Bud Puzzle Buridan Tan-Talizing Symmetrick Shameful Congressional Gridlock A Monumental Challenge Full Bloom Balancing Act One Circle - Two Circles J-Puzzle 13 Triangles Six Cushion Shot Lean Two Triade ReBanded Dovetails Acrobat Pack the Square It s Nuts 22-Card Maze Caged Coin Non-Convex Bi-Half-Hexes Slap Shot Puzzle Exchange Caboose Hyperboloid six-piece burr + extra The Nats WIN Puzzle Mini Perplexus IPP32 9 Parts Packing Problem Double-D-Insanity Dragon puzzle w/Washington Monument Open Window Four in the Vice Wahington Skyline Puzzle Creeping Blocks 3D Capitol Politics Pioneer Pyarmid Cage the Animal Washington Monument