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Puzzles from IPP34 -- Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange

Usually once every year since 1978 the biggest puzzle related event takes place: the IPP (International Puzzle Party). One of the main events of the puzzle party is the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange. Participants of the exchange will design or select a new puzzle that no-one should have in his collection yet and bring a copy for every other exchanger; mine for IPP is the "Cross & Crown 2013" - please see picture to the right. Now the fun starts: Every exchager exchanges with every other exchanger and it is a fun event that is much more chaotic than you might imagine. Cross + Crown 2013
Exchange puzzles are from various categories This year there were about 100 particicpants in the Exchange, leading to about 100 puzzles. To the left, there is a "before" picture, when the puzzles were piled on my table before being put into the nice gallery shape below. For a quick look at the name, place the mouse cursor on the picture and wait for the tooltip.
Exchange Puzzles IPP34
3 Pentagons Viking Box Square Dissection Orchid Pennyhedron Two-To-Fold Pants Puzzle BQTTLE Fallingwater Burr Up Periscope! SUBtitle … Rose Pennyhedron Cell Block The Dot Box Twin Board Burr Star Beams Join the Club L6 PAMI The Most Perfect 4x4 Puzzle Game Monge's V-Tricubes Gospaer's Modified Conway 7 CubeCube Borromean Braid Too IPP Burr Puzzle Triangle Puzzle 9 Boards Burr 7x7 Cube + Make my Day Sorter TrEGGony Fold-a-Cube Rik's Tea Box Mod – T42 Alle Schiebung Panex Squared The Borromean Rings Puzzle Symmetric Shape Commuters' Chaos Keys to the Kingdom Chameleon Black Hole Burr Slidoku Jr Chequered Cube Tetra Parquet All-Edges Coverage Frame+Loop Sextet Escape the Plague Rombo London Squares Naked Secret Box Red Cubic Board Burr Double Heart&Arrow Stop-Puzzle Cubic Matters Identtrick Triple Play 3/4 Cube Picadilly Circles Find the Lid Tel Arad The 69 Puzzle Big Ben Exchange Stacking Cups Keep I on the Burr The Kray Twins Push Box Puzzle IPP34 in Square Train Puzzle T-5 Puzzle Cross Bones Murbiter's Pseudo Burr Cup of Tease Two Dogs Twelve Bow Ties Leprechaun's Dilemma Convolution's Cousin Six Ticks Sandfield's Tree-Layer Dovetail Full of Tetraminos Snake – Dice Cross + Crown 2013 Bring IPP34 straight to Heathrow Foot Ball  Goal to Goal Checking in Windmill key Double Slideways Burr Octassembly Checkered Plate Puzzle Sphinks Cargo Car Equiliteral Triangle Puzzle ET-321-a1 MadHatters PuzzleParty Birds by the Window P8-1 Cast Iron Puzzle Mixed Plate Burr IPP Puzzle Lock 14 Baffling Bolted Book Fish the THAMES Channel Swimming Find my Hole Puzzle CoaStar A Voyage to Terra Australis Color-Slide