Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Interlocking Puzzles

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4 Caged Puzzle4 in 24 in Frame4 pieces in frame4 Stick 84+5+6 Diagonal Burr
4L Co-Mo DD4LCoMo4x4 Puzzle4x4x4 Elevator6 board burr # 36 board burr #1
6 piece burr variation II6 piece framed knot6GA Six Gates Arranged6^3 Board Burr8 Pieces Burr9 Boards Burr 7x7
A Mazing BurrA Notched Trifecta betaAbacusAbad s Level 9 BurrAccordion (Disjointed Cube)Accordion (Disjointed Cube)
AchilleAdam and Eve in ParadiseAdditionAgapanAJ PuzzleAl Capone

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