Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Interlocking Puzzles

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BathLedBehind BarsBelopoBelt Cube 3Benedettis 7-erBenedettis Kaefig
Bent Board BurrBent Board Burr #4Bent Board Burr #4 TooBerserk BurrCircBeware of the DogsBeware of the Snake
Bicomplementary formation b/b:1/2Big Havana'sBig Interlocking CubeBig MacBig MazeNCubesBig Quadrox
Bill's Ball Bearing BurrBinary BurrBinary Burr 10 smallBinary Burr 3 smallBinary Burr 4 smallBinary Burr 5 small
Binary Burr 6 smallBinary Burr 7 smallBinary Burr 8 smallBinary Burr 9 smallBioTICBird in the Nest

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