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This page allows to further explore the huge class of interlocking puzzles. In the standard view, all puzzles are shown in alphabetical order, and can also be ordered by their number of pieces or by their level (in descending order, from highest value to smallest, followed by the ones without an entry). Additionally, the list can be restricted to show only puzzles with rotation in the solution, or without rotations, and with coordinate motion moves, and without.

The current view is (click the other variants to change the view):

order: [alphabetically] [by pieces] [by level] rotations: [all] [only with] [only without] coordinate motion: [all] [only with] [only without]
+4 12 Bastards 12 interlocking pieces* 15 Piece Japanese Interlocking Puzzle* 151er Teufel 16 Bar Cube II 18 Brueder 18 pc burr #3 18 pc burr 6x6x6 18 Pieces plated burr 18-in-Blocks 18-Piece II 2 and 2 Burr 2 Halves Cage 3BB 2 Halves Cage 4A 2 Halves Cube 2 Pairs 2 Pairs One 2 Rings 2 Temps 3 Mouvements 2-3-4 2PBB Two Pieces Boxed Burr 3 identical piece burr ON 3 lives to live 3 Open Minds Solve a Problem 3 Piece Burr Cube 50 3 Piece Burr key-o 3 Q Cube 3D Burger Puzzle 3set Nesting 6 Piece  Burr 4 Caged Puzzle 4 in 2 4 in Frame 4 pieces in frame 4 Stick 8 4+5+6 Diagonal Burr 4L Co-Mo DD 4LCoMo 4x4 Puzzle 4x4x4 Elevator 6 board burr # 3 6 board burr #1 6 piece burr variation II 6 piece framed knot 6GA Six Gates Arranged 6^3 Board Burr 8 Pieces Burr 9 Boards Burr 7x7 A Mazing Burr A Notched Trifecta beta Abacus Abad s Level 9 Burr Accordion (Disjointed Cube) Accordion (Disjointed Cube) Achille Adam and Eve in Paradise Addition Agapan AJ Puzzle Al Capone Alastor Alcatraz Alcatraz Alcatraz Extreme Aldie Alf 3 Alien All Mixed Up All Mixed Up Variation Allard's Think (c) Sticks Alligator Almost There ALPACA Altair Amatores Ambigram Burr Amulet Andromeda Angelus Anlon ApocalypTIC Apollo Aqua Toto Aquarius+ Arabesque Aracna Aramis Arch Burr Puzzle Archives Armilla Around the Bend Arrow Assembler's Challenge Assembly Cube Assorted Snakes Astro-Puzzle Astrolabe Atacama Atom Raute Atomihedra Aurora Avenger Puzzle Awful Eiffel Awoi Cube 1 Awoi-Cube 2 B-Box, Reactor Bad Hare Day Bamboo Burr 1 Bamboo Burr 2 Bamboo Burr 3 Bamboo Burr 4 Bamboo Star Band Cube Bandido Bandocub Barcode Burr (printed) Barcode Burr (printed) Barcode Burr Master Set Upgrade Barcode Burr Master Sets Upgrades Barriere Basket Burr BathLed Behind Bars Belopo Belt Cube 3 Benedettis 7-er Benedettis Kaefig Bent Board Burr Bent Board Burr #4 Bent Board Burr #4 Too Berserk BurrCirc Beware of the Dogs Beware of the Snake Bicomplementary formation b/b:1/2 Big Havana's Big Interlocking Cube Big Mac Big MazeNCubes Big Quadrox Bill's Ball Bearing Burr Binary Burr Binary Burr 10 small Binary Burr 3 small Binary Burr 4 small Binary Burr 5 small Binary Burr 6 small Binary Burr 7 small Binary Burr 8 small Binary Burr 9 small BioTIC Bird in the Nest Bisect Frame 2S Black Hole Burr Black Widdow Blind Burr Blue Beetle Blue Beetle 2 Board and Cube Burr (Katsumoto Cube) Board Burr in Cage Board Burr Rack Boards and Sticks with Frame Boite 13 Bolero Boo Burr Borromean Braid Too Boston Tea Chest Bottom Line Bouquet Bouquet (small) Box of 12 Box with Two Balls Boxed Burr Boxed L-burr 2 Boxed Mixed Piece Burr Boxed Six Board Burr Boxes And Frames Brace Yourself Bramble Box Brandenburg Gate La Porte Bubinburr Buffalo Nickel Puzzle Bundle of Sticks Burr Box 1 Burr In A Cage Burr in Cage Burr Lock E Burr of Nine Boxes Burr with Rings Burrblock Burrdos Burrliner Kruse Burrly Legal Burrly Sane for Extreme Puzzlers Burrly Sane for Professionals Burrly Sane for Woodworkers Burrn Burrner Burrnova Burry Joint Buzzard By George Burr C2-1 Cage #1-125-10 Cage #1-216-14 Kodo Cage 6 Cage Amovible Cage for 4 Sticks Cage Puzzle Caged Burr Caged Knot Camelride Camera Conundrum Campanus Canal House Cannich Canuck Captain Captain Hook Carbo Cube Cascadia Casino 2 Cast Cylinder Cast Hexagon Cast Infinity Castle Castle Hole CatharTIC Caught Heart Cell Block Centauri Centaurus Century Century Cube Cephio CFF Burr Chain Chainstitch Chamburr Changing Partners Chapel #1 Chateau d'If Checkbox Checker-board interlock box CheckerDice Cube Chen's 6 BB Chequered Board Burr Chiasma Chicken Puzzle Chinese Fang Chinese Knot Chinese Knot Chinesischer Teufel Chocolate Dip Burr Choreographed Motion Christmas Tree Chuck The Puzzle Person Circelei Circuit Breaker Clamped Cube Clearwater small 54 pcs Climburr Closed Box Clutch 1 Clutch 2 Clutch 3 CM13 Coaxial COC Cochise Cockpit Cocoon Coffin's Four Piece Cube Coherence Cold Fusion Cold Fusion Colossus Columbus Columnata 2P3C Combined Burr Coming of Age Coming of Age MKII Complementary P-arity Computer's Choice Conclusion Condor Condor's Peeper Confluence Confucius 3 Confusio Congestion Coniburr Constantin 234 Constantin 456 Convolution's Cousin Coo-inter-pack Coronation Cube Corsage Courage CPU Chip Crazy Horse Crazy Swiss Cube Crocs Crooked 6 Board Burr #2 Crooked 6 Piece Burr Original Version Crooked 6 Piece Burr Pinned Version Cross Bones Cross Imprisioned Extra Cross in a Cage Cross in Cross Cross-Cage Cross-Keys puzzle Crosscut Crossex Crossing Rails 14 Crusade Crux Cruz del Maestro Cryptos Crystal Ring Crystalburr CT 52 CT269 Cubax Cube 81 Cube in Cube Cubed Burr II Cubelock Cubetresor Cubic Board Burr Cubic Burr Cubic Lock Cubie Burr Cubie Burr #2 Cubix Cubloc Cubloc S Cubyful 2 Cuckold Culax Cup of Coffee Curly Cube Cyburr Daedalus Damocles Das missglueckte Modell DCD-burr Deadlock Puzzle Deadly Romance Decemburr Delight Delirium 13 Den Cube Der Astronomen-Stern Der verflixte Tresor Devil Devil in Cage Devil's Pet 1 Devil's Pet 2 Devil's Pet 3 Devil's Pet 4 Diagonal Burr Big Diagonal loop #2 Dicey Box Die Zauberfloete - Koeningin der Nacht Die Zauberfloete - Tamino Dilemma Dilemma II Dinlas Dino Dino Dino 2 Dirty Dozen Dirty Dozen Caged Dizzy Cube Doender Dog Catcher Domino Tower Doors and Drawers Doppelknoten Double Decker Double Dutch Burr Double Heart&Arrow Double Image Double Kongmin Lock Double Lock Double Noeud Double Slideways Burr Double Slideways Burr Plus Double Slideways Burr TSP Double Slideways Burr TSP+ Double Slideways Burr TSP- Double Slideways Burr TSP-+2W Double Slideways Burr+D Double Tiros Double UT Dovetail Bi-Cube Dovetail Burr Dovetail Burr Puzzle Dovetail Cage Dovetail Cube Dovetail Cube Dovetail Mix Crossknot Dovetail Soma Cube Dozer Dracula Dracula 2 Dragon Burr Dragon Cube Dragon puzzle w/Washington Monument Dragon Riders Dragon's Cave Dragster Droid Dubstep Dutch Cross Dwarf Planet D Earrings Easy Livin Eccentricity Edge Corner Cube II Eiffel Burr Eiger Eight is Enough Eighteen Eights Eighteen Piece 6x6x6 Burr Eightpack El Regalo Elbow Burr Elena's Burr Elephant Puzzle Elevenses Enak Engpass Quadrat Enigma Enmarcado Entropie EQ 12 pieces burr Estergon Estergon 2 Excaliburr Excelsior Extreme Boxed Burr Eye Fill Burr Fallingwater Burr FantasTIC Fenced Burr Findis Teufelsknoten Finnish Cross First Design Five Burr-ito Five O'lock Five Sticks 28 Flange 99A Flat Vortex 1 Floating Framed Burr Fly Trap Fly Trap 2 Foliage Forgotten Piece Fortuna Fossil Burr Fossil Burr 2 Four Burr Stick Four Cross Twelve Four in a Box Four in the Vice Four Mirror One FourTress Puzzle Frame Me Up Framed 6-piece burr Framed Burr Box Framed Sticks 4U Framed! Framework Frankenstein Frankfurt-Cube Freddy Free Pause Free the Monkeys Friend with a shield Frogurr Full House 2 Fundamentally Framed Burr 1 Fusion Gaia GalacTIC Galaxy Puzzle I Galaxy Puzzle II Galaxy Z Gargamel Garmbaad Garuda Gateway Gear Geduldswuerfel GELO 1234 GEM Gemini GeneTIC Geneva Geronimo Get in the Box! Ghislina Gift Giga Burr GiganTIC Giraburr Glitter Gobi Goetz GOeTZ Goliath 2 Google Goot 1 Gordian Knot Grand Barriere Grand Giga Burr Grandpa Framed Grappe Hexagon Grasse and the perfume Gravitational Burr Gravity Greyhound Grooved 6 Board Burr #1 Grooved 6 Board Burr #2 Grooved 6 Board Burr #3 Grooved 6 Board Burr #4 Grooved 6 Board Burr #5 Grooved 6 Board Burr #6 Grooved 6 Board Burr #7 Groovy Cubes Gumball 3K Gun Puzzle Gyro Hakenwuerfel Half Lid Box Hammerhead Burr Hanoi Tower Happiness Cube 169 Happiness Cube 20.2 Happiness Cube 20.2 Happiness Cube 95.2 Happy Dance Haselgrove-Box Havana's 2 Havannas 1 Heavy Metal Triangle Heblo Hedgehog Burr Helical Burr Helical Burr 2 Helicon Helix 2 Helix Burr v2 Helix the Burr Helix+ Hell Hellas Cube HELLical Burr Hercules Hermaphroditic Dovetail Cube Hex Pyramide Hex-Puzzle 1 Hexahedroom Hexalo Hexatresor Hexon Highway Hippo Hippo Puzzle Hobbit Hog Wild Puzzle Holey 6 Board Burr II Hooked Hooks Hooks 2 HOPE Hot Dog Hotplate Hourglass Hublot 2 Hyperboloid Six-Piece Burr + extra I-Trouble I.Q. Puzzle Schuettelknoten Ice Pillar Iceburrg Identical Twins Identity 4a Identity 4b Identity Matrix Impossible Cube Impossiburr In Brackets Infant Box Inner Cube Insinuate Puzzle Interlock 3 Pieces Interlock II Interlock the red square box (A) Interlock the red square box (B) Interlocking Small Turtle Internal Combustion Intertwingly Involution IPP Burr Puzzle IPP Burr Puzzle IPP34 Necklace Burr Irene Alternate Irregular Board Burr IT Jack's Dozen Jacket Jadimex Jail Bars 2 Jakub's Cube Jalpa Janus Japanese Crystal 33 pcs Japanese Crystal 99 Pcs Japanese Wood Joint Puzzle Jellyfish Jiminy Jack John's Goliath Jucar Juha 10 Juha 12 Juha 14 Juha 2 Juha 5 Juha 6 Juha 7 Juha 8 Juha 9 Juha Element Puzzle Juha's Interlocking No.1 Jump Just 3 K Cube K-323 #1 K-419 #11 Ka'apuni Kameleon Kameleon caged Kamelle Box Kardan Kawai Tsugite Cube Keep I on the Burr Kei Cube Jr Kelvin Key Trap Keychain Burr 9 pieces Keychain Camera Keychain Die Keychain Heart Keychain Ladybird Keyhole Keyholes KeyTIC Khamsin King's Court Kinsman Klaas Jan 23 Knobbel 24 Knobbel 26 Knobbel 28 Knobbly Box Knossos Knot on my Watch Knotenwuerfel Knotty 6 Knudde Kong Ming Lock Konstrukt Konstrukt A Koumei Log Puzzle Kowloon Seal Luban Lock Kreuzknoten g+b Kreuzknoten gr Kristallus Kruispunt Kubus/AncientKey Kumiki 9mm Handgun Kumiki Airlines Kumiki Airplane Kumiki Cow Kumiki Dog Kumiki Log Cabin Coin Bank Kumiki Lucky Cat Kumiki Masu Kumiki Pig Kumiki Robot Kumiki Squashed Blossom Kumiki Steam-Ship Kumiki Stegosaurus Kumiki Torii Gateway Kumiki Tram Kumiki Wild Boar Kumikisaurus Kyberna l'Unifolie L(8)tice-2 L-Burr L-Burr La Cerradura 3D La Cerradura Doble La Foudre La Mente Labyrinth Lalibela Lange Wapper 54 Lange Wapper 54-2 Lattice Lattice (big) Lattice (small) Lattice II Leftovers Lennox Burr Letterbox Letterbox Liberal Cube Life@21 Liliput Lion King 2 Lippelo Literal Lateral Slide Little Bruce Little Hug Little Kenny Little Maze Box Little Portico Little Slide Plank Little Trick Lock Nested Burr Lock Nested Burr Lock-N-Cube LocomoTIC Log Jam Puzzle Lolly Box Lolly Box 2 Lolly Box 4 Long and Short/Coffin 20-D Long Skirt Loopy Burr Loopy Cube Loopy Loops Junior Lost Day Love Cube Love's Dozen Love's Dozen as a Cube Lovely Lox Box LTC in cage Lucida Lunatic LunaTIC Luxemburr Maahes Madia Magestic 3 Magic Wands Magma Plus MajesTIC Maltese Manda 1 Burr Manke Matador Math Matryoshka Burr Mayer's Cube Mayhem Mean & Extreme Mean Cube Meandros Cube Mega Six Mercury Cube Puzzle Merry-go-round MiBinity I Microburr Migraine Mimicry MINE's CUBE in CAGE 333 Minerva Mini Burr Keychain Mini Chinese Knot Mini Lock Mini Lock 2 Mini Schoolbus Mino Mira Misery Missing Link Missing Notch Mississippi Mud Misused Key Mixed Plate Burr Mixed Up MMMDXLVI  #8 Mochalov-12 Mochalov-14 Mochalov-Cube 2006 Moira's Cube Moluscub Moonflight Moose More MazNCubes Morgenstern Morpheus Mountain Muff Multiboule Multiwood Cube Murbiter's Pseudo Burr Murbiters Devilish Burr for IPP36 Mysterious Galaxy MysTIC N-One Nahnook Ani Puzzle Neo Saturn Nested Burr Simple Nesting 6 Piece Burr Net Block A Net Block C Net Block D Net Block F Net Block G Net Block H Nickel Box Nicolas and Friedolin Nightmare Nina No Nukes! Non-Void Cube Noppenkuber Noris-Cube NOS1 Compressed NOS2 Transfer NOS3 Round Trip NOS4 Go Back NOS5 Crenel NOS6 Dodge NOS7 Seizaine NPP Puzzle Num Lock Num Lock (mixed base) Nur Mut O.M.G Obstacle Box Odd One Out Odd Repartition Off-Center Burr Oh This Okto Cube Oktobox Oliver Opal Puzzle Chess Set Open Crochet Cube Open Cube Open Window Open Window Optiborn Orchid Pennyhedron Oskar Key Oskar's Blocks Oskars Two Piece Packing Problem Overlap Ovolo Oximoron Ozone P Burr Pack the Square Packira PackTIC #2 Padaung Rings Padlock Burr Pandora Pandora's Box Papachuck Pappos Parallel Puzzle Paraugas Partially Crooked 6 Board Burr Party Pause Peanuts PedanTIC Pegasus PenTIC Pepper Castor Perseus Petit Box Petit Pack Petit Puzzle Phelan Phoebe Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Family Phoenix-Cabracan Pif Paf With A Turn Pin Block Case Pin Burr 1 Pin Burr 2 Pink Ivory Ring Pinned Framed Burr L Pinned Framed Burr M Pinned Framed Burr S Pirouette Pivot Planar Burr Plankton Platon Plaza Plus-Cross Poco Loco Polar Burr Pole Dancer Polidoor Pollux Pontoon Popp (simplified) Porcupine Portico J Pot van Olen Power Tower (mix base - var st) Pox Box Premiere Printable Interlocking Puzzle 4 Printable Interlocking Puzzle 4 Prisgon Prismastar Prison Burr Proteus Proxima Centrauri Pulsar Pulsar 2 Pushbutton Burr Pussy Sticks b+w Pussy Sticks r+y Puzzle Cube Special Edition PUZZLE* Pylon 2P2C Q.E.D. Quad Slideways Burr Quadlock 1 Quadlock 4 Quadrant Quadrox Quads & Rings 1 Quads & Rings 2 Quantum Entanglement Quantum Entanglement Exchange Quickstep Quintuples Quintus Racktangle Rail Box Rail Box #1 Rampart 2 Ramu Octahedron Rat Trap Rattle Box Rattle Twist III Rattle Twist V Really Big MazeNCubes Recede Rectangle Block Red Cow (Vache Rouge) Red, White and Blue Removable Structure Repair The Cube Reunification (Twins) Rhino Rhinoceros Rhombic Maze Burr Ribbons Puzzle Rift Ring Fight Ring Lock Rivieara Robrecht 02 Rombak Rombo Rondo Turco Roots and Branches Rose Rose Pennyhedron Rota # Rota Cube Rotamove Cube Rotary Cub Rotator Rotpack 1 Rotpack 2 Rough Night Rounded Burr Rubicon Ruebezahl Runde Sache Rupture S.O.B.B.#1 S/M 24 San Francisco Cable Car Sand Witch Sarcophagus Satburrn Satellit Puzzle b+w Satellit Puzzle w+o Saturn Saturno #1 Save the Gorilla Schoolbus Schoolbus 2 Scorpius Scotsman 2 Scott's Woman Screw Burr Scrooge Secret Burr Segment Stack Star Self-Framing Burr Sensi Box Sequence Cube Serflex Sewing Box Sextboard Shake Something Sharp Belted Sheffield-Steel 6BB Sher-Lock Extreme Shield Shift Burr L2 Siamese Burr II Siamese Twins Sidestep Sidestep II Silene Simple Sharp Simple UC Trapped Simplicity Simplified Keyholes in a Cage Simply Complex Singapore 5x5x5 Sisyphos Sitting Bull Six Iberian Lynxes Six Pack Six Pack 2 Six Spades SIX XIS Sixbricks Sixticks Skewed Six Piece Burr* Skunk Slant Cube Sleipnir Sliced Bread Sliced Burr Simple Slida Slidebox Slider 2 Slideways Slideways Cube Slideways Cube (printed) Sliding Hamburger Slow Waltz Sly Burr Small interlocking barrel* Small interlocking cube* Small rounded interlocking cube* Smeagol Smiley Burr Snail Cube Snooky Sonneveld 9 Piece Board Burr Sonneveld Cubed Burr Sonneveld's 4 Piece Cube Souvenir DCD2012 Sphinx Spider Web Spidernest Spiral Cube #2 Spiral Lock Spiral Square Split Maze Burr Spotted Cube Sputnik Sputnik Sputnik Sputnik returns Spy Hole Square Target Squarrel Squirrel Cage Stabylonia Stack of Sticks Stairs Cube Stairway Star Beams Star of Six Pieces Star Pendulum Steady State Cube Stepping Burr Steps Stuck in the Middle Sucrier Super Cross Supernova Surround SwapTIC Sweeney Todd Sweet Sixteen Swirls No 1 Swiss Cube #2 Hard Switch Cube Sydney Harburr Bridge T Burr T-Junction T-one T-Slot Burr Tadpoles Talisman Tangle Tangler Tango Tarpan Taurus Ternary Burr Ternary Pin Burr Tetradyma 5x5 Teufelsknoten T14 The 3 Circles The Baron The Barones The Blitz 6 Piece Burr The Box The Box The Collective The Cube The Cup The Cutler Cube Puzzle The Devil and his Pet The Elevator The Flying Scotsman The Fortress The Kick The Kong Puzzle The Kray Twins The Maze The Minotaur's Burr The Old Man Of Hoy The Pelikan The Piston Puzzle The Puzzle Sticks The Skull The Slider The Windmill Burr Think outside the box Threaded Cube Three totally trapped sages Three trapped sages Tight Noose TimBurr Timonen Burr Timonens Burr Simple Tipperary Tippy Tiros Titan Toaster 25 Toban Tom Pouce Tom's Hollow Cube Toms Square Dance Toolbox 8x8x8 Kittiwake Top Toughie I Toughie II Tourelle Tower Traditional Puzzle Ball Traditional Puzzle Cube Traditional Puzzle Cube Traffic Light Transenna Trap-R2 Treasure Quest Trenta Triad Triade Triangle Cube Burr Triangle Explosion Tribord Trichromat Trick Star p+p Trick Star red Trickbox Tricolor Tricolor 2 Tricolor 3 Tricolore Trikado Trilogy Trilogy Trinity-Puzzle Triple Cross Burr Triple Play Triton Tritresor TriumviraTIC Troacroas Troika Tronc Commun 3 Tronc Commun 4 Trotzklotz Troubled Burr Troulle Try Me Try Me 2 Try-Cycle Puzzle Tube Cube Tube Cube Tubular Burr Tubular Burr Tulip Tumbler Turnblock 335 Turnkey Turtle Turtle's Heart Tvnary Tweedle 11 Tweedle 14 Twelve Arrows Twelve Bow Ties Twiddle Dee Helical Burr Twiddle Dum Helical Burr Twin Board Burr Twin Cubes Twinkle Twist the Night Away Twister 3x2 TwisTIC Twisting Cube Twisty Hollow Two Burrs in a Basket Two by Three Type-I Two in Frame Two piece packing eXtreme Two Wheeled Cube Two-Tone Zero Typhyter U-Nam-It Burr Ultimate Burr Set Ultraburr Uncoated Burr United Unity 3=6 Unknown 24 piece burr* Unknown Flower Crystal Up Periscope! SUBtitle ... Uranus US Cube Utopian Cube Van der Poel Burr mini Vapors Puzzle Variation of Illegal Burr* Variation on a Waltz Vauban H 5 Vectes Vera Verflixter Knoten (Cheers) Vertigo Vesa Burr 8 Vesa Burr simple Vesa's Four Visible Burr Visible Cube Visible Framed Burr Vivaldi Burr Voodoo Cube Vortex W-Windows Waddon Waffle Walnut Cube Walton Cube Waltzing Whales Wausau 81 Wausau 82 Wausau 83 Wausau 84 Wedged Welded Burr White Mischief Puzzle Wide Portico William's Wonder Windmillbox Wing Hangar Wink Wobbe Wood Knott Try This World's smallest cube Worm Cube Writhing Snake Cube Wunder-Puzzle Wunderbar Inspiration Wunderbar Inspiration X TIC X-Lattice Xenon Xs and Os Y6BB #1 Yamanaka Kumiki YyYy Zig Zag Zig Zag 2 Zig-zag Knot Zigguflat Zigguflat (4 pieces) Zigguflat (8 pieces) Ziggurat ZigZag Planar Burr Zmije