Extremely Puzzling

Overview of Sequential Discovery, Take Apart Puzzles

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1 Euro Labyrinth Puzzle3 Wise Bolts4 Steps Visible Lock50 Cent Labyrinth8 Stars LabyrinthA Bolt from the BLUE
A Monumental ChallengeA Plugged WellAbraham's WellagesAguinaldoAl Bus
AlkatrazAluminium CrossAluminium CylinderAmazeIn' LoopsAngry WalterAnsel
ApolakiBananasBarasoainBellaBig Ben ExchangeBin Laden
Bin Laden TooBirthday Surprise!Bitcoin Maze #1Bitcoin Maze #2Bitcoin Maze #3Bitcoin Maze #4
Bitcoin Maze #5Bitcoin Maze #6Bolt ActionBoltedBottle Puzzle 1Brass Monkey Sixential Discovery
Brass Pin BoltBrian's Big Baffling BoltBunchBurnerBurr BankBurr Bot
Butterfly Lock BoxCaged CoinCandy CornCannonballCaptive CoinCast News
Cast NutcaseCent-RaleChess Puzzle BishopChess Puzzle KingChess Puzzle KnightChess Puzzle Pawn
Chess Puzzle QueenChess Puzzle RookCodex SilendaCOIN MAZECola ConundrumCop Out 1
Cop Out 2Cop Out 3Cross my HeartCross-Blocks PuzzleCRYPT3D Fiery RedCRYPT3D Mustard Golden
CRYPT3D Sonic SilverCublockCuff and LoopDial CaseDIESDDovetail concave
Dovetail convexDrehkreuz kleinEGGElla PropellaEscape from AlcatrazEscape From The Bastille
Euro-Falle 1Euro-Falle 2Euro-Falle 3Euro-Falle 4Eurofalle 07Eurofalle 5
Exchange BottleFengHuangFengHuangFeuerzeug (Lighter)Fire puzzleFirst Box
Free Me 2Free Me 4Free Me 5Free Me 6Free Me 7Free Me 8 - The Reptile Puzzle Box
Free the FiveFree the OneFree the WasherFrench PointFring's StoneGeburt/Birth (Robot)
GelenkpuzzleGi Joe locked King Tut in a Tomb!Gold Coasts Parking MeterGumball MoneyHeart CaseHelm's Keep
Hole Vacancy CoinHoudinis Torture CellIdiot BoxIll EagleInvisible OinkJack-in-the-Box
JailbreakJammed GemKatie Koala and her joey VerneKeebox blueKeebox yellowKusing 25
lib-ORB-rateLock in pinLock Nut BoltLotusLow Number BoltLucky Sixpence
LuzonMailcall!Mighty PinMindanaoMini BottleMittan
Monkey MazeMorris Bolt 1Moskau PuzzleMoulin RougeNew DovetailNipple Bolt
NutsNuts N' BoltsNutty Bolt No. 1Nutty Bolt No. 2Pair O' DicePaper Clip
Paris Pinned Wedge KeyPennytentiaryPerrier Bottle No 2Pick mePirate CompassPocket Change blue
Pocket Change orangePocket Change purplePocket Change redPocket Change yellowPradaPropeller
ResQRizalSafeSalvaSandfield Joint PuzzleSanib
ScarlettScrewScrewed ShackleSDBB MasterSDTVSEARious Burr
Secret Box + Dino in a CageSequential Discovery Burred BoxSKIFFYSlammed CarSlap Shot PuzzleSMS Box
SpadeSpinning TumblersStack-A-Maze #1StellaSticky BarrelSuper Cylinder
Sweta CrossSymmetrical CrossTangled DovetailThe aMAZEing PuzzleBoxThe Arabi GunThe Bandit
The Barrel PuzzleThe Karst PhenomenonThe LouvreThe Moose BallThe Mouse HouseThe Piston
The Third EyeThirdyTIC VaultTurtle TripTwo Piece CubeUndercover
Unsafe DepositVERTIGOVisayasWalang GalangWalter's RadioWasher Cylinder
Washington MonumentWasserhahn (Faucet/Tap)Wedding PuzzleWheel and AxleYing Yang 69Zak