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Interlocking Puzzles Explorer

This page allows to further explore the huge class of interlocking puzzles. In the standard view, all puzzles are shown in alphabetical order, and can also be ordered by their number of pieces or by their level (in descending order, from highest value to smallest, followed by the ones without an entry). Additionally, the list can be restricted to show only puzzles with rotation in the solution, or without rotations, and with coordinate motion moves, and without.

The current view is (click the other variants to change the view):

order: [alphabetically] [by pieces] [by level] rotations: [all] [only with] [only without] coordinate motion: [all] [only with] [only without]
66 Pieces
The Cutler Cube Puzzle
40 Pieces
The Fortress
20 Pieces
The Slider
18 Pieces
12 Pieces
Dicey Box
9 Pieces
7 Pieces
Bird in the Nest Blind Burr Coo-inter-pack Hyperboloid Six-Piece Burr + extra Slant Cube
6 Pieces
A Mazing Burr Double Slideways Burr Double Slideways Burr Plus Double Slideways Burr TSP Double Slideways Burr TSP+ Double Slideways Burr TSP- Double Slideways Burr TSP-+2W Double Slideways Burr+D NOS1 Compressed NOS2 Transfer NOS3 Round Trip NOS4 Go Back NOS5 Crenel NOS6 Dodge NOS7 Seizaine Pack the Square Star of Six Pieces U-Nam-It Burr
4 Pieces
Domino Tower Quad Slideways Burr
3 Pieces
4L Co-Mo DD 4LCoMo CM13 Hex-Puzzle 1 Hexatresor Little Slide Plank Rose Pennyhedron Slideways Cube Triade