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Interlocking Puzzles Explorer

This page allows to further explore the huge class of interlocking puzzles. In the standard view, all puzzles are shown in alphabetical order, and can also be ordered by their number of pieces or by their level (in descending order, from highest value to smallest, followed by the ones without an entry). Additionally, the list can be restricted to show only puzzles with rotation in the solution, or without rotations, and with coordinate motion moves, and without.

The current view is (click the other variants to change the view):

order: [alphabetically] [by pieces] [by level] rotations: [all] [only with] [only without] coordinate motion: [all] [only with] [only without]
Level 41
Level 30
Neo Saturn Trenta
Level 28
Square Target
Level 25
HELLical Burr
Level 23
Level 21
Shield Vortex
Level 20
Level 18
Double UT
Level 17
Mysterious Galaxy
Level 16
Helix Burr v2
Level 14
Culax Deadly Romance T-one
Level 13
2 and 2 Burr Switch Cube Top Two-Tone Zero
Level 11
Helical Burr Hourglass
Level 10
Buffalo Nickel Puzzle GiganTIC Lucida NOS6 Dodge Sonneveld Cubed Burr Stairs Cube
Level 9
Level 8
Aqua Toto Flat Vortex 1 Happy Dance Intertwingly Rotpack 1 Steady State Cube The Collective
Level 7
Insinuate Puzzle Rotpack 2
Level 6
Identical Twins Irene Alternate Little Kenny Log Jam Puzzle X TIC
Level 5
Black Hole Burr Juha 6 Juha's Interlocking No.1 Keyhole Leftovers PenTIC Pif Paf With A Turn Twisty Hollow
Level 4
2 Halves Cube Chain L-Burr Little Bruce Matador Trap-R2 Turnkey Utopian Cube
Level 3
6 board burr #1 Convolution's Cousin Dicey Box Engpass Quadrat Foliage Kinsman Lunatic Net Block G Spiral Square Tango Triple Cross Burr Triple Play Tronc Commun 4 Unknown Flower Crystal
Level 2
Chen's 6 BB Frankfurt-Cube PackTIC #2 Red Cow (Vache Rouge) Rota Cube Troubled Burr
Level 1
4x4x4 Elevator Assembly Cube Benedettis Kaefig Brandenburg Gate La Porte Cage Amovible Camera Conundrum Cold Fusion Coo-inter-pack Dizzy Cube Double Noeud Finnish Cross Garmbaad Gyro Half Lid Box Helix+ Involution Juha 14 Ka'apuni Knobbel 24 Knobbel 26 Knobbel 28 Loopy Cube Net Block F Open Cube Pirouette Pivot Ring Fight Rotary Cub Spiral Cube #2 The Elevator Threaded Cube Tronc Commun 3 Tumbler Twisting Cube Two Wheeled Cube United Writhing Snake Cube
Other puzzles (no entry)
16 Bar Cube 1 Ambigram Burr Eye Fill Burr L-Burr MysTIC Oliver Pole Dancer Sewing Box Slant Cube Tangler Twist the Night Away Vapors Puzzle Wunderbar Inspiration Wunderbar Inspiration